4 Content Writing Principles to Follow in 2016

End of the year is the period where we tend to look backmake last-minute changes in our future plans before implementing them in the next year. Content marketers right now have been paying more attention to the trendswhat their contents have yielded so far,make adjustments in their plans.

Taking this opportunity, here is a report indicating towards engagement rules in 2016. Adobe took a fair bit of time surveying a over 12000 customers across six nations,compiled a report for content marketers. Here is brief discussion on those points discussed in support of audience targetingoptimizing engagement. This post is more like a self-assessment of your website.

Are You Satisfied With Your Website Design?

Firstforemost rule that has been gaining more support with time has been cross-device optimization. The report says, out of 5 devices, 83% of the people used 2.23 devices.

Further analysis shows why people feel good about using these devices

  • 81% of the consumers entertained themselves
  • 80% felt they were connected
  • 76% used multiple devices for improved productivity.
  • 47% say they’re distracted.

You might be interested to know the design aspects being favored by consumers

  • 65% consumers believe display is the main aspect of design
  • 54% think layoutphotography hold the key to good design.

There’s a work cut-out for you. If you haven’t already done that, contact SEO specialist Canada to improve your website design.

Is TLDR is Really a Problem?

Off course it is! At least the report shows the same.

  • 9 out of 10 consumers switch their digital devices if the content fails to meet the required level of quality, formattinglength.
  • 67% digital device users don’t engage further if the content seems too long.
  • 79% users will leave if your content fails to display well on their screens.

While content has to be readable, it must also fit your consumer’s screen so that they can engage with you.

Is There Anything Funny About Your Brand?

It’s a fact; humor does make difference to your brand. In fact, the it’s a global phenomenon that by making people laugh, you personally motivate them to share your content. People can relate to itfeel more comfortable.

According to the report:

  • 70% of all the consumers agreed that humor strengthens user engagement with the brand.
  • At the same time, only 14% of the people think company-created content seems funny. That’s something to think about.

So, if you have thought of humor before, find elements to show the funny side of your brandmake it more appealing for the customers.

Is Your Content Reliable?

Needless to say, that the internet can be tricky for some people. Trustconfidence are the elements becoming more important for the content marketers than ever. Consumers engage with the content they trust, but still there’s still a high level of skepticism.

  • 50% of the consumers doubt on a product if it doesn’t have any negative comment, thinking that the bad feedbacks have been removed from the site.
  • 49% consumers think if the review came from a real customer, or a paid writer.
  • 48% internet reader scrutinize the biasness of articles.

But, there’s also a hidden opportunity if your content is reliable, because as the customer’s trust builds, he feels engaged to the brand.

  • 23% of the consumers trust the content from companies they don’t buy anything from.
  • 43% of the customers trust the content from companies they buy from.


Some of the aforementioned concerns have already been vanished as you move into 2016, but it’s always a good thing to revise your content strategy before implementing it. If you’ve been missing anything, better be quick to remove the flaw!