6 Tips to Prep Business Travel the Right Way

Business Travel

Who’s ready to go on a business trip again after a long period of downtime?

Not many people are jumping at the chance of going on a trip,that’s usually because trips can be so badly organized, making it very difficult for your employees to look forward to them

It doesn’t have to be that way, business trips happen all the time,it’s easy to keep everyone on trackpoint.

Here are six ways to better organize your trips to keep everyone happy.

Organize Your Packing With Everyone

Airlines have weight limits for many bags,devices such as company laptops can be very heavy. It’s best to organize your packing across multiple peoples possible to ensure the kit that is required is being taken without overloading a single person’s suitcase.

Think about using packing cubes to organize your packing for easy sorting when you get to the hotel.

Organize Your Trip Management

Trip management is vital; professional business trip management services can be an absolute lifesaver for keeping everyone on trackon goal. From trip counselors to client managersapps to keep everyone in touch, a professional business trip management solution is a must.

Organize Your WiFi Access

Many hotels have very limited WiFi,sometimes that WiFi is barely able to do anything of much use.

Make sure you organize with your trip planner that everyone has adequate access to decent WiFi; this is important for getting work donefor employees to keep in touch with their families.

Business Travel

Organize Your Employee Travel Policy

Will your employees be free to explore in the evening? What’s your alcohol policy? Will you be splitting tickets, some on business class, some in economy class?

It’s worth writing a travel policy in place for your employees, so everyone knows where they standwhat is expected of them while they are representing your business on a trip.

Organize Your Currency

Not all countries take cards, especially cards from accounts not based in that country. It’s worth making sure everyone has some local currency on them, for both businesspersonal usage.

At this point, it’s also worth ensuring your employees know a spending limit if you will be paying a certain level of expensesfiguring out how you’ll organize is, if they pay firstyou pay them back or if you give them a spending card.

Organize Your Down Time

All workno play leads to a miserable trip. It can also increase the likelihood of getting sick or employees feeling overly stressed.

Always make sure you plan some downtime for your employees, let them know what hours they have off,give some boundaries. If they’re fine to do what they like, let them know if you want them to stay nearby or at least contactable, they need to know this too to make sure you are happy,they can do their joblook forward to some downtime afterward.