7 Secrets of Making Perfect Latte At Home

Secrets of Making Perfect Latte At Home

The aroma of a freshly brewed latte is intoxicating. This espresso-based coffee is the one item that you will find in every café. You probably have a favorite barista who brews the latte just as you like. However, with the pandemic, it is challenging to go outside every daygrab a cup of coffee. Also, your wallet will stop supporting your coffee addiction after a while.

The alternative? Brew a latte at home? Yes, that is one option. It will save you bucks,you can try a lot of flavors at home only. If your latte doesn’t come out perfectly or lacks the smoothness you find in the café, there are ways to improve that.

In this blog, we will discuss a few tips to improve your latte’s taste at home.

Use excellent coffee pods

There are too many flavors when it comes to coffee pods. Choosing the right pods flavor is essential if you are looking to brew the best latte at home. Some pods come with milk or have flavors like vanilla or hazelnut in them.

So, the trick is to find a pod that is not only right for a latte but is also compatible with your single-serve machine.

Use fresh coffee

Whether using coffee beans or coffee pods, if they are not fresh, you cannot enjoy a delicious latte. Make sure that the coffee pods you have are not expired. Their freshness remains intact unless you open them. So, the only concern here is to ensure they are well to use.

When it comes to coffee beans, buy only organicfresh beansgrind them at home. This way, you can have fresh ground coffee every time you want to drink a latte.

Ensure you are using the right mug

For a latte, the right mug is a glass tumbler. No one should ever drink or serve a latte in a regular coffee mug or big mug. When you use the right mug, the measurement is correct, which is vital for making a perfect cup of latte.

Also, the right mug means that the appearance of the coffee is just like the one you get in your local coffee shop. The last mug-related tip is to ensure that the cup is hot. When you pour coffee in a hot mug, it remains warm for long,its flavor is mind-blowing too.

Use full-fat milk

If you are craving a latte which is a replica of Starbucks or any other café, you need to use fresh full-fat milk. The proteinfat content in it is necessary for the smoothness that you are looking for in your coffee.

If you are vegan or lactose intolerant, use oats or coconut milk as they are best when it comes to making a latte.

Ensure you use the correct coffee to water ratio

The most critical tip is making sure the ratio of water to coffee in the latte is precise. The ratio of coffee also depends on the roast you have. The espresso in a latte needs to be 1/3rd while the milk should be 2/3rd.

If you follow this golden ratio, your latte will never taste like drinking coffee dissolved in milk.

Don’t over froth the milk

The best part about the latte is the foam. If you want a replica of a café latte, you need to froth your milk. Full-fat milk foams the best. However, when it comes to frothing, do not overdo it.

The foam is only occupying 1/4th part of the cup. And if you overdo it, it could be thick, which doesn’t taste quite as flavorsome as you would believe.

Add flavors to enhance the taste

Do you like the hazelnut latte that you get in Starbucks? If yes, then try making it home. Hazelnut, vanilla,more such syrups are available in the market. Or you can get pods with these flavors.

Also, try adding cinnamon or cardamom, or star anise. It will give a kickunique flavor to your latte.

Try these tips now to improve your latteenjoy this pick-me-up anytime of the day. Few tips like adding whole milk or the foammilk amount in latte depends on personal tastepreference as well. However, do follow the other tips for the best home-made latte ever.