A Guide To Strapless Bras For Plus Size Women

You’d be hard-pressed to find any woman—no matter what size she is—who thinks strapless bras are comfortable. In fact, strapless bras are infamous for being uncomfortable, unreliable, ill-fitting,an overall pain in the butt to buywear.

Unfortunately, strapless bras are also an unavoidable wardrobe necessity for most women. As frustrating as they are, strapless bra styles also allow you to rock tube tops, strapless dresses,off-the-shoulder tops without displaying your bra straps to the world. Few women would choose to wear a strapless bra when they don’t have to, but most women begrudgingly keep one or two in the back of their underwear drawer to wear only when absolutely necessary.

For plus size women, the struggle to find a comfortable strapless bra that actually fits is even more of a challenge. Many curvier women even go so far as to avoid strapless dressestops altogether so that they aren’t forced to suffer through the discomfort of wearing a strapless bra. If you’re a plus size woman, don’t give up on strapless styles just yet. It is possible to find a strapless bra that comfortablysecurely accommodates busty, curvy figures—as long as you know where to lookwhat to look for.

Security is Key

Security is absolutely the most important quality in strapless bras for plus size women. Universally, one of the biggest problems with strapless bras is their tendency to fall down throughout the day—an issue that is even more commonmore severe among plus size women.

Never settle for a strapless bra that doesn’t feel fully secure on your body. Don’t be afraid to jump around a little in the dressing room to test the stamina of the bras you try on—a high-quality plus size strapless bra should be able to withstand a good amount of motion without slipping down your torso.

Must-Have Support Features

There are several non-negotiable support features that every plus size strapless bra should have. If a strapless bra you’re considering does not include one or more of these features, look elsewhere.

An underwire band for support, silicone lining to prevent slippage,contoured cups for added security are absolute necessities when it comes to support features in plus size strapless bras.

A Fit Made for Your Figure

A strapless bra that is not designed specifically for plus size women won’t offer the supportsecurity your curvy figure requires—even if it does happen to be available in your bra size.

When you’re shopping for a strapless bra, only shop in collections of styles that are made specifically with plus size women in mind—like this plus size lingerie collection from luxury lingerie retailer HauteFlair.com. Mainstream strapless bra styles that are primarily available in smaller sizes are designed for smaller-busted womenare rarely able to accommodate the needs of curvier ladies.