A Quick Way to Update Your Interiors Using Zebra Sheer Shades

Window treatments may seem like the most mundane home accessories out there, but they can actually make or break your home interior. A bare window will look like you’re not done decorating your home yet. An overly done one, on the other hand, can look tacky.

This is why you should also pay close attention to what you intend to hang on your windows. There are lots of new window treatments that you can opt for, so you definitely have options. But if you want one of the latest innovations that are now commercially available, you should check out the zebra sheer shades.

What are Zebra Sheer Shades?

These shades are basically a type of roller blinds but instead of rolling up, they’re made of two layers that you can move around. It’s designed with alternating solidsee-through panels which effectively blockallow lightviews respectively.

When aligned accordingly, it appears as if the shades are striped which reminds people of a zebra. This earned the zebra shades its moniker.

How They Work

Zebra sheer blinds work just like your regular rolling blinds but with a twist. You can adjust the solid panels by pulling a string to make it block out the light or align the solid panels to let some sunlight through.

It’s a lot like using traditional blinds but slightly easier. You’ll only need to work with a string with zebra blinds so there won’t be a lot of fussing involved. There’s no need to fiddle with a turning stick to block or let the sunlight in, making its operation extremely simple.

Why Opt for Zebra Sheer Shades?

While its design is impressive, it might not be enough for some people to make a call. So to help you make up your mind, here are a few more reasons why this product can be a good pick for you:

Easier to Clean than Other Blinds

Roller blinds are great low maintenance window treatment options because of their design. They don’t have slats, so you don’t have to wipe down each one to ensure that they’re clean. You can even just run the vacuum nozzle over the shadesyou’re good to go. If your shades are made of fabric, you can also opt to just handwash it with mild detergent. Either way, it’s a lot easier than having to wipe down several slats one by one.

Safe from Cats

Tired of getting all scratched up because your kitty is panickingcan’t get themselves unstuck from the blinds? You don’t have to worry about that with zebra shades.

Again, as there are no slats, there won’t be anywhere for your cat to slide into. You also don’t have to worry about bent panelsa ratty looking set of blinds if you have cats at home.

Unique Look

Due to its design, zebra shades also look different. This makes a nicenovel addition to any home.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, zebra shades are very simple to use. A few pulls will already do the trick for this window treatment, making it a convenient pick.

Perfect for Most Modern Interiors

With its simple design, zebra sheer shades are great for most interiors. They won’t distract from the style your space haswill easily blend in with a contemporary, modern, or minimalist room.

What to Remember when Buying Zebra Sheer Shades

If you want to switch to a set of zebra shades at home, the first thing that you should do is to get the measurements of your windows. Due to its design, these window treatments are often made to measure. It won’t look nice or function properly if it doesn’t fit your window properly, so make sure to measure your windowsorder your zebra shades in the correct size.