Biotin, Why Do You Need It?

Vitaminsminerals the components that your body needs so it will function well. There is calcium, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, Vitamin Dso much more. Each of it plays a vital role in making our body system function well. Some don’t realize the needs of vitaminsminerals in their body unless they fill something bad with their own health. So why not you learned today.

Did you know?

One of the vitamin that your body needs is Vitamin B known as Biotin. It dissolves the food we eat to fuel our body. You can have the dosage of biotin that your body needs in eating healthy foods. These foods can be meat especially liver, nutsseeds like almonds, milk, cheese, butter, yogurt. Some fruitsvegetables are also rich in biotin like avocado, cauliflower, broccoli, bananaseven raspberries. You can have naturally or you can also have a supplement that is a good source of biotin, but consult first your doctor before taking it. Intake of biotin has so many benefits in our body. Depending on your age is how much biotin you can take as a supplement, so be careful about it. 

Why do you need biotin?

Each vitamin plays a vital role in the body, for repair, protection, for preventionfor cure. But why do you need biotin in your body? What is the needs of biotin in our body? Biotin has many benefits,here are some of it:

  1. Healthy hair- it can prevent hair lossmake your hair strongbeautiful.
  2. Good metabolism- as it dissolves the foods we eat as fuel in your body
  3. Healthy Liver
  4. Beautiful skin
  5. Prevent brittle nails
  6. Prevent disorder in Nervous System
  7. Prevent rashes around the eyes, noseeven mouth
  8. Good for pregnant mother in developing fetus in their womb
  9. It helps to control blood sugar
  • Prevents high cholesterol

Biotin is very beneficial to your body you may say you don’t need it but an intake of it will not hurt you it will surely benefits you. It’s better to have a vitamins intake, it is easily to achieve as long as you eat healthy foods. If you want to know more about the benefits of biotin in you just visit their official website now.