Business 101: Rules of an Effective Business Card

In this time of digital age, you might think that giving out your business card is such an old style. However, you might have been overlooking a business card’s importance in making it a way to open up opportunities for your business.

Think of it this way, you’re in a social gatheringsuddenly you saw a potential client for your business, you want to approach the person to make advances yet you can’t, since you do not have anything that serves as a medium from your company to the client. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Which is why you should never look down on those trusty little cards. Business cards will save you timewill come in handy, it is also still the expectedmost respected method of sharing contact info during a personal meeting. Want to know more about business cardshow to make them more effective? follow these business card rules to makes sure your business card performs well for your business.

Accurate Information

For those that have started out their business, business cards are crucialit might be especially overwhelming if you do not know what to do. It might be tempting to put everything up in your business card, but it will not be a smart thing to do since you will most likely lose the recipient’s attention due to information overload.

Relax, take a deep breaththink of the most important information that your client needs to know. You do this because you want to pique the interest of the recipient instead of pushing the unnecessary information on the receiver. Business name, logo, phone, email,website are one of the necessary information that they need so that they may be able to contact you.

Make Sure It’s Legible

The last thing that you want your client to be doing is squinting their eyes because the font’s either small or not legible. Bear in mind that funky fonts might be fun to look at, however, your business card isn’t the right place to put it into.

Make sure that the fonts used on your business card looks formalisn’t too small, too fancy, or distorted in some way, making the information on your card difficult to read. Want to add creativityspice up your card? Let your logo do it for you by being the design element which will certainly add interestkeep the text straightforward.

Make it Simple

Remember to not make your business card fancy, yes you want it to stand out but making it fancy is not a smart move. Make your business card simple, yet informative. Avoid the temptation to completely cover your card just because there’s an affordable printing shop available.

You do this because it would help your recipient to remember the important notes that you have encrypted to your business card. Additionally, it has been proved that a plain background keeps the recipient’s attention only at the needed information, making it sure that they have receivedwas able to retain the information in their mind.

Get It Professionally Printed

pexels-photo-1493323.jpeg (940×627)

Sure, you could print your own business card at home with a perforated business card paper on your inkjet printer but do consider professional printing instead of doing it yourself. This is because Do-It-Yourself business cards might not make the best first impression as a business representativeꟷ not unless you have commercial printing capabilities.

Why not visit some printing professional sites like to know more about commercial printing? Remember that your business card is one of the important things that should make a great first impression, so do not miss the chance to showcase your business by just doing the job half-heartedlycheaply.

Select the Right Design

Be logical when you are designing your business card. If your business markets children’s gamestoys, then try using brightprimary colors. If your business markets women’s necessities, then incorporate some feminine designs to emphasize the product your business is selling.

It is important to make your business card appropriate to your marketto the product you are selling. Which is why you need to design the appropriate look at your business card so that you will be able to properly convey the message you want your clients to know about.

Additionally, make sure that you knowunderstand what you are doing. You need to understand things like aspect ratio, space, pixels,other numerous considerations, otherwise, you might end up with a blurry design when you go to print.


Your business card is an important building block for your business to take advances in the sea of a raging competitive market. Not only that, but a well-made professional business card speaks volume of yourself as an entrepreneura professional.