Canadian Hip Hop Artist & Ceo Vinnie Vidal Bringing A Shift To The Genre

Canadian Hip Hop Artist & Ceo Vinnie Vidal Bringing A Shift To The Genre

Vinnie Vidal, Canadian Hip Hop Star & CEO of Candian- based Royal Play Records, has released his 18th single “Hustle Hard”, the 3rd single from his “Burdens & Blessings” collection.  “Burdens & Blessings”  is about overcoming all of the burdens in your lifehandling all of the blessings life has to offer.  While the hip hop artist’s singles always showcase his mission to produce clean music; the singles, being released individually, focus on living spiritual, faithful life.

The singer, songwriter,composer is gaining momentumattention within the Hip HopRap music genre with his unique soundversatility. Vidal released his first single in February 2020has since produced 17 more singles.   He brings a shift to the hip hop genre with his custom composed soundsuncompromising integrity.  Vidal’s distinctive sound is an infused Eastern flavor blended into a modern Western sound while integrating jazzy instrumentals into rap, such as a saxophone.

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Vidal started his love affair with music at age 8composeddirected for a church choir at age 14. He makes his beats from scratch, writes the music, sings,raps. Vidal developed a teamlabel,  Royal Play Records, which provides  consistently high-quality music.  His mission is to produce music that brings self-awareness to the listener while being infused with positivitythe power to heal the mind.  Vidal’s compositions focus on high quality classical mixes, rather than the traditional low frequencydestructive vibes.  Vidal believes in bringing trendy, entertaining music to the table without the profanity, sexual exploitation, violencesocial injustice currently portrayed in mainstream musicmedia.

Hailing from Baghdad but now residing in Canada, Vidal is a testament  to the rise of independent artistry, self-publishingpromotion over the traditional route. Vidal also explains how he understands what it takes to make quality musicwhich instruments are currently not being showcased. He aims to broaden the genre listening experience by infusing these sounds in his custom made beats.

Vidal says he’s been mentored by some of the greatest in the industryadvises upcoming artists to take  a little bit of information from everyone because there is always something to be learned from everyone.  He explains that no one will see your vision clearer than yourself or hustle harder than you.  If you rely on others for validation you are setting yourself up for failure.

His favorite quote?  “Short cuts make long delays. From J..R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring  “I love this quote because you really have to be willing to do the work. Many people want instant results with no hard work. It’s the turtle that wins the race!”

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Vidal’s 19th single, DISORDER, will be released Sunday, November 8th on all platforms.