Citizen Coding Made Simple

Citizen Coding Made Simple

Picture this. Your business needs a project management system. There are multiple departmentsteam members that need to be streamlined. You spend a ton of cash on the “best app on the market” only to discover it lacks all the features that you actually need.

You find yourself thinking how you would’ve done things, where you would’ve put whathow easy it would have been if the developers had seen it that way too.

What if we told you that you can now create your own, bespoke apps? Well the truth is you can.

Citizen Coding Explained

Being able to make your own apps may sound far-fetched,a few years ago the concept was. To develop apps you’d need to have tons of experienceformal training to back it all. Things have changed a lot since then, with developers release lowno code apps that give users the flexibility to create their own solutions.

Low code solutions offer a template of sorts that you can customise to suit our needs. You can change thingswill need some basic coding knowledge. No code platforms offer users the ability to dragdrop templates to build their appssystems. No experience necessary. Some people may use the terms interchangeably,while they are similar, one does require a bout more skill to manage.

Simply put, citizen coding is coding for dummies. It helps bridge the gap between technologyimplementation by making it more accessible.

The aim of these systems is to give the Average Joe the tools needed to build business systems that meet their needs. It’s not a matter of forcing a system onto your business that doesn’t fit properly or work as it should. Unlike spending time at a no deposit casino it’s a waste of your timemoneywill leave your team feeling frustrated.

How the Citizen Developer Will Save Us from the AI/ML Developer Shortage

Is It Really That Easy?

Well, yesno. Low codeno code systems are changing the world of businesshave simplified this process a great deal. However, there’s no replacement for real tech supporta team able to support your business growthdevelopment. Having a knowledgeable, tech-savvy person to become the custodian of this process is recommended.

There’s also the potential for these “simple” process to become more complex, beyond your capabilitieshaving someone to refer back to can make a big difference. While you may think you can take it all on, partnering with someone to guide you on this journey is important.

Unleash Your Potential

It’s time to use the technology available to you to your advantage. There’s no longer the issue of cost or complexity to fall back on. It’s a simply matter of looking into what your business needsfinding a platform that allows you to customise a solution. Citizen coding is here to help you reach new heights, don’t let it slip through the cracks.