Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning Wipes

We are in a period when we should never neglect to use auxiliary products to find hygiene. Thanks to their practical use, disinfectant cleaning wipes are on sale in Touchbio with their special durable packaging. The wipes, which maintain their durable form for a long time, are thick. You can safely clean all kinds of surfacesobjects. Packages offer convenient use. With its specially designed packages, the wipes are kept moist until the package is opened by preventing air from entering. It is offered at Touchbio online address with options in different thicknessessizes.

Thanks to the formulas used in the disinfectant wipes, it disinfectsdestroys germs, virusesbacteria. With these wipes, you can remove many dirtmicrobes. They are used, they act within an average of 5 secondsform a protective barrier on the surfaces against viruses, bacteriamicrobes. It has a structure that does not leave stainsstains in different types of goods in the areas where it is used. It does not harm surfacesespecially jewelry. Cleaning wipes are no different from the wet wipes we know. It does not harm the person who uses it, which has a light scent, if he/she is sensitive to the smell. There are different quantities of options. There are 90, 200 or 450 options.

If you can keep the cleaning wipes in your car, office, home or purse. It is suitable for use on tables, armchairs, coffee tables, benches, door handles, children’s toysmany different things. It provides detailedeffective cleaning, especially in crowded areas such as hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals, where cleanliness will be given importance. If you close the packaging lids of the wipes during use, we can use them for a long time without losing their effect.
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