Does Solar Panel Installation Ruin Your Roof? | What to Expect

Does Solar Panel Installation Ruin Your Roof? | What to Expect

Most people considering getting solar panels installed are wondering if it will damage their roof. The answer is no, as long as you have the right person doing it. Overall, the solar panel installation will not ruin your roof at all because professionals who do the installation will make sure that your roof is ready to go through the installation process or if your roof is not stable enough, they will offer help on how to get it where it needs to be. It’s important to have reputable professionals do your solar panel installation to ensure that your roof does not get damaged from the solar panels installation.

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Do Solar Panels Make Your Roof Last Longer?

Solar panels have an array of benefits that come along with itbelieve it or not, extending the life of your roof is actually one of them. Solar panels typically cover a large area of your roof which shields the roof from elements. Sunlight typically beams down onto the roof causing your roof to become sun bleacheddried out. The solar panels help to protect the roof from the sunlight.

The solar panels also protect from weather elements as well. Since these panels sit on top of your roof, sunlight isn’t the only thing that they protect your roof from. These solar panels will protect from rain, snowdebris by just being on top of the roof itself. Keeping the elements off of your roof will preserve the materials the roof is made from.

Solar PanelsRoof Leaks

If you’re looking into solar panels then most likely you have a lot of questions. Solar panels do not cause leaks, but must be installed by a professional to guarantee this. People may wonder if solar panels cause roof leaks because you have to mount them onto your roof somehowin this case it means putting a hole into your roof.

The professionals will put holes into your roof to securemount the solar panels to your roof, then they are filled with silicon to ensure there are no leaks. The process used for this is extremely important in making sure there are no damages done to your roof. Always use a licensed professional to do your solar panel installation so that you can ensure the panels are properly installed without causing any damage to your roof.

Can You Remove Solar Panels From The Roof?

You can remove solar panels from your roof. You might be considering this if you’ve decided they aren’t for you or if you’re movingwant to try to take them with you. The process of removing solar panels might not always be the best option. It’s quite a process that can be costly as well as damaging.

For solar panels to be installed on your roof there will be holes put into it. This can be the biggest issue for removing the panels. If you remove the panels then those holes will still be in your roofthat will allow water, debrisother elements into your home from those holes. If you are removing the panels to replace them with new ones then your roof will be finethe holes will be used for the new panels.

Overall, you can remove solar panels but the process may be slightly damaging. Contacting a professional to remove your solar panels is the best option because they will do the job by causing as little damage as possible to your roof. If you’re looking to remove your solar panels be sure to go with professionals so they can do it properly without causing much damage to your roof with removal.

Do Solar Panels Void Roof Warranty?

Unfortunately, in some cases the roof warranty may be voided if you install solar panels on top of it. The roof warranty will be voided only on the areas where the solar panels are placed, but don’t worry because you will be covered under your installer’s workmanship warranty. This is typically for 10 yearsit covers the area of the roof that they worked on.

Another option for this is to have your roofing companythe solar panel company come to an agreement on how you can keep your warranty on your roof even with solar panels installed. Some roofing companies just want to know what type of racking system the installer’s will be using, because holes will typically be put into the roof for the solar panels to be installed. Either way you will be protected by some sort of warranty either from the roofing company or from the solar panel installation company.

Solar Panels And Your Roof

Overall, solar panels will not ruin your roof. The installation process is hefty because there are a lot of things that go into it. Always be sure to use a professional solar panel installation company so that you can ensure that your roof is taken care ofnot damaged during the process. You will get a workmanship warranty for where the panels are to make sure that you don’t lose any warranty.

Solar panels may cause damage if they are removed because the holes where they were installed will be left behind. Overall though, solar panels will not cause any damage to your roofyou are protected in many different ways with warranties on your roof to ensure that if any damage takes place, you are not responsible.

Solar panels should be installed by professionals to ensure that your roof stays in the best condition as possible. Having a professional install your solar panels will save you money, time, effortdamage to your roof. Professionals will do an initial inspection to ensure that the solar panels can be placed on your roof without any damage taking place. They will also choose the best racking system for the solar panels. If you’re looking to have solar panels installed or removed contact a professional solar panel installation company.