False Positive Drug Test

The drug test is now a requirement when you are applying for a job,schools. It is highly recommended to conduct drug test for the employee. Although drug test is very reliable, false positive do exist. There are things that can trigger false positive results. In this case, the result is not what is should be, like you can be positive even if you are not, or you can be negative even if you do use drugs. False positive sometimes due to natural errors, but sometimes, it is intentional too. Intentional in the way that the biological specimen used is being modified without the drug test conductors noticing it. They can have mixed some chemicals or used someone’s biological specimen. The 5 panel drug test that determines street drugs or most commonly abused drug is inclined to false positive results.

What trigger a false positive?

Urine is the most common biological specimen that will be examined for drug test. Listed below are the things that can cause false positive drug test

  1. Cold remedies. Pseudoephedrine, one of the main ingredients used for OTC,a synthetic amphetamine, can cause a false result, since it is often used for meth.
  2. Supplements, especially Vitamin B. Some riboflavin came from hemp seed oil that is more likely to be determined as THC, one of the ingredients in marijuana.
  3. Ibuprofen is used as pain killer, but can also lead as marijuana detection. Taking 12000 mg of ibuprofen a day can interfere with the enzymes, resulting in false detections.
  4. Poppy Seeds Bagels. It contains opiumcodeine. It can be a detective in your urine for 16 hours after the ingestion.
  5. Snack bars. It also contains hempseeds. Which may lead to positive marijuana results.
  6. Tonic Water. Drink lot of this can result to positive opiates.

What to do when the result is false positive?

If you undergo a drug testthe result is a false positive, you can go back to the drug test company that process your testrequest for a second drug test. Be reminded that when taking drug test you should state the medications you take, if there is any, for the past 30 days. When the result became false positive, these medicines will be examined if it contains the drugs you’ve been positive for medical purposes.

Passing drug test can increase the chance to get hired in your job, failing it if you are not involved in drugs is a big deal. Be sure to stay away from things that can trigger drug test results to be false positive.