Fishing For Saltwater Cods, What To Fish And How To

Fishing with your relativesfriends is a great bonding outdoor activity; everyone is doing their part in catching their desired fishfeasted on near campfires at nightfall while sharing stories to each other. However, catching fish is difficult especially if you are a beginner in fishing. This how to guide should help you fish your ideal saltwater cods!

Species of cods to look out for

Each organism has its own specie, these type of species can help you discern wherewhen to fish. Without further ado, here are the species of cods you should look out for

Atlantic cod: Atlantic cods are the best for for frying. They are also numerousabundant on seawaters

Pacific cod: Pacific cod are also abundant on seawatershas mildflaky flavor when cooked

Rockfish: rockfishes are not so abundant because of their late maturing stages. Overfishing is also a big factor on rarer chances of catching them

Pollocks: these cods are the most common in sea waterstypically ideal for massive production of fish goods.

Tips on catching cods

Catching cods are often difficult because they tend to live on deep watersnear corals.  Fishes living on deep waters are very hard to spotrequires a lot of patience just to catch one. Here are the tips on how to catch your cod!

Fishing reels: longer reels offers bigger chances of catching one but keep in mind that your fishing reel is thickdurable. Longer reels tend to snap easily because of its lengthcreates a lot of force to your rod when you are reeling against the fish’s attempts to escape.

Cod’s hangouts:  Cods tend to hangout on wooden shipwrecks or any other areas where musselstheir preys thrive; it is advisable to fish on these areas to increase chances of catching a cod

Baits: Cods typically choose to eat clamsother mussels, but there are also other baits that is the best pick to be used for cods such as mackerel, herring or bergall strip baits

Jigs for Cods : not all jogs are compatible to your desired bait. Some jigs are too small for clam or mussel like baitssome are too big. Keep in mind that in catching cods, jigs must also possess weight because it can stay longer on deep watersis much more durable compared to lighter jigs

The Ideal fishing charter

Fishing charter is the bes pick for beginners in ensuring that their catch is a quality. Fishing charters such as Go Fish Charters can help you catch your ideal fish because og the experience of its crew when it comes to fishing.