Functional Benefits of Detoxification Foot Patches

Our bodies are tailored to naturally detoxify every day. The modern lifestyle has introduced us to more pollutantsharmful foreign matter that find their way into our bodies. Increased toxicity inside the body eventually derails the body’s ability to eliminate the toxic substances. Organic foods are considered healthy since they are low in toxins. Due to the increase in synthetic foodshigher pollution levels, our bodies have become more exposed to harmful toxins. An accumulation of toxins in the body could result in chronic illnessesincapacitation. Toxins lower the body’s immune system therefore increasing our susceptibility to diseases.

Indications that detoxification is required

Signs of increased toxins in the body are vague at the beginning, but as the toxin levels rise, some symptoms like frequent colds, tiredness, sluggishness, bad breath, feeling of illness after consuming fatty foods, headaches, coated tongue,poor skin begin to show. These symptoms are an indication that the body has lost substantial functional abilities without organ damage.

Detox foot patches

This is a product manufactured from naturally occurring ingredients such as bamboo vinegar, menthol, tourmaline, eucalyptus, Dextrin, agarics mushroom, minerals, etc. The ingredients work to suction impurities from the bloodlymph circulation system throughout the night.

Why the foot pads are worn on the feet sole

In oriental medicine, our feet are viewed as a second heart. This is because they aid in the pumping of lymphblood from the lower body to the upper body. During the night when the body is immobile, or while positioned at an inactive state, the natural pumping of lymphblood from the lower body is derailed. Bloodlymph concentrates at the lower legs, ankles,feet. The body also works to naturally keep toxins as far from the heart as possible. This results in a higher concentration of toxins to the lower body. The foot pads are said to work best when attached in an area that has a rich supply of blood such as the extremities. Even though the pads can be attached elsewhere, the feet serve as the perfect position.

Functional capabilities

The foot pads naturally suction toxins from the body therefore helping boost the overall body health. They facilitate in the enhancement of our immune systemincreased vitality. Their functionality assists also in boosting mental abilities, lymphatic health, memory,concentration.

Our feet have an excess of sixty acupuncture points. The foot patch utilizes the acupuncture points to suction toxins. Gravity facilitates the transfer of toxins towards the lower body as well as the natural body reflexes that push toxins away from the heart. The toxinsmetals are attracted to the negative ions produced by the active foot patch ingredients that adhere to them forcing them out of the body through the acupuncture points. Just as the rest of the skin has pores the feet also has small pores. Removal of the toxins leads to enhanced circulationincreased energy.

Foot pad benefits

The most pronounced benefits include: detoxification, revitalization, enhanced circulation, enhanced lymphatic system, enhanced sleep, increased metabolism, stimulation of blood cellshomeostasis.

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