Guide to Safely Store Cannabis Seeds

Guide to Safely Store Cannabis Seeds

There’s a ton of reasons to store cannabis seeds as opposed to simply planting them in soilallowing them to growharvested into a weed strain that you enjoy.

In some cases you have a few seeds extra from your new most loved straindon’t have the space accessible where you live to plant it.

Or you could also have bought extra cannabis seeds, where you are looking to grow them in the future when you have more time.

Whatever the explanation might be, you should be certain those cannabis seeds (which can grow to become a white russian strain) remain feasible in the long haulstay safely stored.

By using good storage options for your seeds, it will help them stay fresh for up to five years!

Notwithstanding, legitimate capacity isn’t as simple as it appears, since seeds are searching for any reason to begin growingthere are various components that tell the seeds that everything looks good to loosen up their foundationsbranches.

By storing your cannabis seeds in bad conditions, it will just spoil in a quicker mannerwill not grow into the beautiful marijuana plant that you want it to be.

It’s the same when you buy mail order marijuana online or in retail stores near you. You would want to store them properly so it doesn’t go stale.

Basics of Marijuana Seed Storage

To begin with, this section will go over the five primary elements to consider with regards to storing your cannabis seeds, for as long as possible while maintaining its freshness.


With regards to saving your seeds for future planting, temperature is the fundamental thought.

In nature, heat is the thing that tells the seed that the cold months of the year has finished, which implies that it’s an ideal opportunity to tear openbegin sending its roots down into the soilits leaves to spring out.

In the event that your seed’s not in the dirt, this implies that the plant matter inside the seed will start to develop.

The shell will air out, allowing the plant to plant outdampness, microbes,bugs in.

Without soil to flourish in, the seed will start to decay as it will not be able to grow.


It’s significant that this temperature stays stable as long as possible.

If you are refrigerating your seeds, your smartest choice is to put them in a different unit or a spot close to the back.

Every time you open your refrigerator, the temperature would change. In the long run, this can hurt the freshness of the seeds so just be mindful of that.

While it’s easy to refute whether freezing seeds is a viable technique for long haul stockpiling, we don’t suggest it except if you are an expert on how to fixset up your seeds.


Moistness is another adversary in your fight, for long haul stockpiling on the grounds that any trace of dampness is another sign to the seed that it’s an ideal opportunity to start growing.

In the event that the seed shell breaks before it’s in the dirt, decay can set inyou will not get a nice marijuana plant.

A moistness level of about 5% is the greatest that you need to permit to keep the waxy, defensive layer encompassing the seed flawless without setting off the seed to part openstart growing.


It is hard not to let air go anywhere, especially since air can be found everywhere.

When cannabis seeds come into contact with air, it will start to go stale, making it not as fresh as you first bought them.

By freezing your seeds in an air-tight container or vacuum-fixed plastic, this will not allow air to penetrate the seedswill allow it to last longer.


Much like warmthair, light is like an alarm to cannabis seeds, where it lets them know that now is the best time to grow.

Regardless of whether it’s a halogen bulb inside your fridge, the seeds will think it’s springtimewill start its regular blossoming cycle.

Light openness after some time can likewise harm the outside of the seed, which will harm what’s inside the seeds.

To prevent this, you would need to keep your seeds in an environment that has no contact with any sort of light. In this way, they can keep “sleeping”only grow when you want them to.

Hereditary qualities

Some cannabis strains normally produce seeds that are hardierlonger-enduring than others.

So if you are looking for cannabis seeds that can last a long time, maybe do some research on what kinds of seeds are the hardiest for maximum storage success.

Where To Store Marijuana Seeds

Since we’ve covered how temperature, dampness, light, air,hereditary qualities can affect seed freshness, we will now cover the best cannabis seed stockpiling strategies that you have to know.

Glass Jars


In contrast to a mailing envelope, glass containers are impenetrable which makes them substantially more appropriate for long haul cannabis seed stockpiling.

Since numerous sorts of plastic can give limited quantities of water access extra time, it’s enthusiastically suggested that you use glass with elastic plugs in the lid.

When putting away seeds for the long haul, you should also toss in some kind of moisture absorbing material to keep the dampness stable.

Make certain to isolate the pack from the seeds with a couple cotton balls or a paper towel. This will help assimilate the extra dampness toward the beginning too.

If you can vacuum seal the glass container, that is strongly advisable.

Envelop the container with something darkyou’re good to go. Seeds put away at a steady room temperature can keep going for longer than a year. If kept refrigerated, they can last a few years extra.


In case you’re putting away your seeds for a shorter period of time, a standard mailing envelope or a tan coin envelope will work just fine if you have no other options.

If your envelope paper is thicker than average, it will shield the seeds from the surrounding light that the sun will bring everyday to us.

In the event that the envelope is put away in a cool, dry, dim,temperature-stable spot like the rear of a storage room or a cabinet, the seeds ought to likewise remain lethargic temporarily.

Furthermore, an envelope makes it simple to sharpie the name of the strain on it, the date of capacity,some other significant notes you have.

Mylar Bags

In case you’re hoping to store your seeds for a longer time, vacuum fixing your seeds in thick Mylar bags can keep your seeds reasonable for up to 10 years.

Since the sacks are intended for long haul stockpiling, they’ll function admirably for your seeds as long as you ensure they were put away at the correct humidity (a desiccant pack will help with this)away from the light.

This is perhaps the most ideal choice especially if you want to refrigerate your seeds.


Taking everything into account, cannabis seeds can be put away for the long stretchremain suitable as long as they avoid any heat, light, dampness, or air.

By storing your seeds properly with care, it can last many yearsit will be able to grow to beautiful marijuana plants in the future.

However, if you ever decide to buy ready-made cannabis that can be smoked immediately. Consider buying it from your local dispensary.

Anyway, the more consideration you put into your storage strategy, the more effective your seeds will be at growing when the time has come.

If you want the most success in growing healthy marijuana plants, our recommendation is to buy just enough to grow at the present time.

You can always buy more in the future!