Hacks For Summer Fun With Your Kids

Explore the Outside- While this is a broad “to do”, this can cover numerous activities! I cannot stress enough how being outside in nature is good for kids. You could go camping or “glamping” for a night or more. The most traditional way to camp is in a tent. You set it up yourself, you save a few bucksroughing it is part of the adventure.  Glamping, on the other hand, is a little more “upscale” than camping. It has the adventurous outdoor element with some of the luxuries of home while offering a very unique way to travel. The glamping accommodation you choose will be part of the experience.

Whether you choose to camp or glamp, there are numerous activities to do while you’re there to explore the great outdoorslearn. You can practice survival skills such as building a fire, first-aid, or how to use a mapcompass. You can also stargaze. Spending the night outside in the summer is the perfect time to snuggle on a blanket looking up at nightenjoy looking atlearning about the stars. You could look up constellations ahead of time,your kids will think you’re an astronomer. Make a fort, explore a park, play in the dirt, go for a hike, pick a bouquet of flowers, the list goes onon…Just get outside!

Check out a new attraction– There are numerous fun attractions in every state. You may see them all the time when you drive byhave never thought of stopping. Do it!!  There are probably all kinds of attractions that you’ve probably never been to! From water parks, amusement parks, trampoline parks, go karts, indoor skydiving…the list goes on. Try a place you’ve never been. You’ll be happy you did. If you live in Colorado, Idaho, Washington or Utah…you could try a “fun pass” to try out a ton of these attractions for one low price, check out what GetOutPass is all about. It is a great bang for your buckwill keep youyour family busy all summer. Other states may have similar items available.

Find the water- It gets hot in the summer. There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a refreshing water activity. Colorado offers so many excellent water activities to choose from. You can hit the lake. You can rent a paddleboard or kayak at the lake through an outdoor adventure company.  You could also grab another familyall go in together on a pontoon boat rental. Boat rentals are available all over, just google your local marina.

If water vessels aren’t your thing,you live on the west coast, you could head to one of the many natural hot springs. It may be a bit of a hike to get there but it will be worth it.  There are also numerous options for hot springs from the budget-friendly options to the ultra luxurious.

You could also stick around home for simple water activities. While you might not have a neighborhood pool, there are tons of rec pools that charge a $1-$5 entry fee. If you are really looking to stay close to home, you can have a water balloon fight, you could buy a sprinkler or hose accessory for a whole summer full of fun.

While there are numerous other activities to enjoy, these are just a few hacks to get you started on your summer adventures! With a little planning, you can create your summer bucket list to mix things upmake this summer fantastic.