Hair Loss: 8 Reasons Why You Are Losing Too Much Hair 

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Hair loss is quite naturalhappens because of several reasons. On average, we lose from 50 to 100 hairs in 1 day. But if you notice that you are losing hair too intensively, it’s time to solve this unpleasant problem. 

For resolving any problem, you need to know the core reason for that problem. This is what you are going to learn from this article. We will tell you about the most common reasons for hair loss.

Causes Of Hair Loss

So, here are some reasons why too much hair falls out. You need to read them carefully as, without inspection of the cause, you cannot treat the problem properly. Let’s get started with the main reasons that lead to loss of hair in most cases.

1. You Are Not Consuming Enough Protein

Be sure to include protein-containing foods in your diet. Lack of this substance leads to the fact that your hair stops growing, becomes weaker,starts to fall out. They can even change their color. It becomes dimmer.

On average, you need to consume at least 46 grams of protein daily. And for this, it is not necessary to eat meat till your belly is full. Nutritionists advised to include more legumes in your diet. They are healthyhelp to strengthen your hair.

2. You Consume Lots Of Alcoholic Drinks

If you get high on alcohol regularly, then you are threatening your health. Such drinks make your hair weakdry, taking away all the moisture. If you don’t give up this addiction, soon, you will have to say goodbye to your precious hair. You can take baby steps that can help you avoid this addiction, or you can directly contact some specialist for guidance.

However, whichever option you choose, you need to follow the recovery procedure thoroughly. This means after becoming sober, you still need to follow the aftercare treatment plan for restoring your body’s energy. Due to this harmful addiction, our body becomes weak. But by following such plans, we can restore its energy back. 

3. Lack Of Iron

Vegans, as well as people who reduce their meat intake to a minimum, should definitely eat iron-containing foods. The lack of this trace element provokes not only weaknessrapid fatigue but also profuse hair loss. People perceive that iron is only important for kids, but adults need it too. Without it, your body will become weaker.

It is advisable to consume at least 18 grams of iron per day. You shouldn’t buy vitamin iron supplements from the pharmacy. Just include seafood (especially shellfish), soy, courgette, lentils,spinach in your diet. These foods will not only fulfill the body’s iron needs but also help it to function better.

4. You Face Stress A Lot

We are talking about those situations when a person gets constantly worried, feels anxiety, feels fear for his/her lifehealth. Also, hair loss causes a powerful nervous shock. Moreover, hair falls out even after a long time after an unpleasant situation.

In order not to lose hair in a huge amount, try to reduce the number of stressful moments. For example, do everything in advance. Then you will not worry about unfulfilled tasks. Even if you encounter a sudden stressful situation, you need to handle it carefully.

5. You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Hair Properly

Frequent use of dyeshair dryers provokes hair loss. They split, thin,become rough. Poor-quality cosmetics also have a detrimental effect on hair. The wrong shampoo or conditioner can damage your hair. Understand that overuse of cosmetics can kill hair beauty. 

The same applies to the habit of straightening or curling hair unnecessarily or with low-quality appliances. Therefore, take care of your hairdo not test it for strength. Even using such heat appliances is so important; it is better to use some heat protectant before it.

6. Pregnancy Or Recent Childbirth

All future or newly minted moms suffer from hair loss. The body goes through many changes that are associated with surges in hormones. The level of estrogen increases, which causes profuse hair loss. After giving birth, the situation only gets worse. Hair falls out in clumps.

Unfortunately, you will not find a quick way out of the situation. Calm down; over time, hormones will return to normal,hair will grow back. Duringafter pregnancy, do not forget to eat righthave plenty of fresh air.

7. You Have Thyroid Problems

This organ regulates the menstrual cycle, heart activity,body temperature. Thyroid problems can provoke malfunctions in our bodies. And they, in turn, cause hair loss.

When the thyroid gland produces too much or too little hormones, our hair becomes brittlelifeless; it looks like straw. Whole strands may remain on the comb. Don’t play with your thyroid gland. Run to the doctor. Otherwise, you will get a bunch of health problems.

8. You Are Taking Medications

Some medications can trigger hair loss. This most often applies to hormonalcardiac drugs. To know if the medicine will provoke the loss of your hair, carefully read the instructions.

Contact your healthcare professional immediately. Perhaps he/she will prescribe an alternative for you that will not entail hair loss. However, it is strongly not recommended to interrupt treatment completely. You can tolerate partial hair loss. But in return, you will get rid of the disease.


If your hair is falling out, look for the cause immediately. You might be facing hair loss because of any of the reasons mentioned in this article. Perhaps the deterioration of the hairline signals serious problems with the internal organs. In such a situation, do not delay visiting a doctor. Treatment started on time will not only save your hair but also improve your health.