Help Your Animal Or Call A Veterinarian

The principles of first aid for animals are similar to those used in humans. Your or any other pet can be a victim of some minor accidents that require your help,occasionally some larger, which requires immediate emergency care until you take it to a veterinarian. If you can’t help the animal do not hesitate to call some of the many veterinarian clinics.

In the event of a serious accident, try to stay cold-blooded,to use common sense to help calm the animal. Your first aid could save the life of the animal, to prevent deteriorationaccelerate the healing process. If you are sure the recovery is complete, take it to the vet.


If you leave your animal in a time of very high temperatures, in a car or on a sunny spot, they can experience heat stroke. Symptoms include breathlessnessfever. In such cases, remove the animal from the sun as soon as possible, put it in cold water, or put the headextremities in ice. If symptoms increase, take it to the vet immediately.

Insect bites

Disturbed by their presence or animals often try to catch insects. They often have bites on the tongue or inside the cheek. Depending on the type of insect, bites can cause an allergic reaction or inflammation. If you notice that the tongue of the animal swells, immediately call a veterinarian or it can suffocate. If the swelling is not so bad, intervene with coatings of ice.

Snake bites

It is dangerouscauses pain. The danger of such a bite is usually on the very bad. To prevent the spread of the venom try to keep the animal in a quiet position. If you can find the spot of the bite, try to remove the poison using a pump (do not use your mouth). Place cold compresses to ease the pain. The veterinarian will decide whether it is necessary to inject a serum or not.


After removing the animal from the water lift their legs up. Very carefully turn the animal around. After that, the open the animal’s mouthpress the chest below the ribs with one hand on the stomach. Place your hands over the shoulders until the animal opens their mouth.

Toys in the mouth

Hold the animal. If possible, open their mouth to find the item. If you can do it safely, remove it with your fingers or with small pliers. It you do not succeed, do not hesitate – immediately call the veterinarian.

An item in the eye

Prevent the dog to scratch the eye. If necessary, put a sock filled with cotton wool on each front paw. Open the eye with your fingerto see the piece. If you cannot do anything immediately call a veterinarian. If the item is located on the surface of the eye apple, try to remove it by rinsing.