How A Live Online Casino Works

Live Online Casino

Live games differ from the usual online casino game, because the client sees a live dealer,not just a graphic drop of cards or numbers. When you choose to play LiveCasino on the Shangri La website, you find yourself in an almost real game hallenjoy the real game. Let’s talk about how it turns out.

The basic operation principles of such casinos include:

  • Change of dealers. It takes place every 20-40 minutes, the decks are shuffled not by the croupiers themselves, but by special machines. The cards are dealt by the dealer.
  • Webcam system. Several devices from different angles shoot everything that happens at the table,the work of an employee. This makes the gameplay completely transparent.
  • Broadcasts are carried out mainly from special studios, less often from a real casino.
  • The dealer is at a real gaming table. An interactive table is also used, with the help of which players can see betstheir results, communicate with the dealerinteract with each other.
  • Game control unit. Visitors manage their bidscan view historystatistics.
  • Video broadcasting in a separate window, a field for accepting bets, a timer showing how much time is left until the end of accepting bets, a chat window.

Differences from land-based clubs are insignificant,innovations are created for the player’s comfortto provide visibility of what is happening at the tablearound.

Live Casino Typeswhere to play with live Dealers

There are two casino types for the player to choose:

  • The client, using a personal computer, chooses entertainment in any browser, the presence of a webcam is optional.
  • With portable devices, you can play anywhere, even when distracted by other things.

It doesn’t matter which device the player uses or where he/she is, it’s easy to sit down at your favorite table in the live club.

A Games Variety from Different Developers

The specificity of the game in live mode brings varietydynamics to the proposed types of entertainment.

Live Blackjack

The most populardemanded game among casino customers. In addition to the standard rules for scoring up to 21, the player is offered the opportunity to play with additional bets (perfect pair, 21 + 3others).

Live Roulette

Roulette in live mode is similar to entertainment in a real casino, but differs from the online version in a slower pace. The inconvenience is compensated by the launch of the ball, the unique sounds of knocking on the wheel, which adds excitement. The client is given time to think over the bet,then it remains to wait for the ball to fall on the desired number.

Live Baccarat

The goal is to guess which hand will be closer to the number 9, or it will be a draw. Cards from multiple decks are dealt in real time. There are two modes to choose from – standardaccelerated.

Live Hold’em

It is similar in all respects to land-based poker, except for one thing – the clients compete only with the dealer. This allows you to look at the game in a new waycatch the excitement.

Proscons of Playing at an Online Casino with a Real Dealer

Despite the fact that the conditions of live casinos are as close as possible to traditional land-based establishments, they have advantagesdisadvantages that are worth knowing.

Live Casino Pros

  • The game result depends on the live dealer throw,not on the soulless computer program. Each dealer is a person with whom it is psychologically more comfortable to play. Visitors believe that a live dealer has a higher chance of winning than in a situation with RNG, since any person tends to get tiredmake mistakes.
  • Due to the large number of cameras, you can personally observe the progress of the gamethe work of the dealer. The player feels more protected psychologically.
  • Online mode allows you to play against other live players from all over the world.
  • Tables, croupiers, paraphernalia inherent in land-based casinos – an opportunity to feel like in a real gambling place.
  • The life mode guarantees fairness, the results of bets depend on the players’ skillluck.
  • A variety of games, between which you can switch with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • More dynamic rivalry than boring interaction with a simulator.
  • Whereas in offline units the limits often start from $ 100above, in live casinos the minimum bets are available for all games.
  • Interaction between players in live chatvisual feedback from a smiling dealer attract everyone who wants not only to play, but also to relax.
  • The live club is available 24/7. All you need is a computer or gadget with high-speed internet.
  • Live casinos, while retaining all the advantages of land-based casinos, are becoming more accessibleattractive to customers.

Live Casino Disadvantages

After analyzing the reviews of real players, experts identified several common disadvantages:

  • Without a stablehigh-speed connection, there will be no way to connect to the live casino.
  • Occasionally, technical problems may arise that are quickly corrected by the staff of the online establishment.
  • The round time increases. Those who are accustomed to fast handsscrolling will have to be patientenduring.

There are practically no drawbacks, which provide the possibility of a live game,the existing ones are more related to the technical sideproblems with the Internet connection.