How To Provide Your Workers With The Legal Rights They Deserve

In order not to be a part of the statistics,you need to hire a worker for a fixed period of time, be sure to specify the reason for such employment in the contractthus protect your misdemeanor liability. That is why criminal law firm toronto is here you provide you with legal help. For an objective reason, you can say, for example: increased scope of work, occurrence of a certain event, execution of a particular job, substitution of an absent worker, etc. Make sure you make a written employment contract before the start of work, or issue a written certificate of employment contract to the worker, on mandatory pensionhealth insurance not later than the beginning of work.

Take the prescribed records of workersworking hours,note that if the worker is overtime, the total workforce must not last more than 50 hours per week. A pregnant woman, a parent with a child up to three years of age, a single parent with a child up to six years of age, a worker who works part-time over several employers, may work overtime only with a written statement of consent to such work, except in case of force majeure.

Among the more difficulttoughest offenses of the employer we can distinguish the following:

if during the procedure of selecting a candidate for a job (interview, testing, interviewingthe like)concluding a labor contract, the employee requests information that is not directly related to the employment relationship,
if you is looking for pregnancy data or telling another person to search for such information,
if, without the consent of the employee, his or her claim against the worker is paid by deduction of the payment of salary or some of its part, ie by denying payment of salaries or part of the remuneration,
if, before the expiry of the six-month deadline, you employed another worker on the same jobdid not offer to enter into a contract of employment with the worker he had canceled for business reasons,

if you refuses to hire a woman for a pregnancy,
if you concludes a waiver agreement with a worker, ie the payment of compensation instead of the annual holiday.

Employee rights

On the other hand, if you are a worker whose employer has violated certain rights for which the law provides for the misdemeanor liability of the employer, you may file a complaint with the labor inspectorate of the Ministry of LaborPension System. In the event that the inspectorate determines that the employer has committed a misdemeanor during the inspection, the labor inspector shall by decision impose a certain administrative measure on the employer if it is foreseen that such measure will be imposed for the established illegality.

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