How to Use a Secret Web Browser on PS5 (tutorial)

How to Use a Secret Web Browser on PS5 (tutorial)

When Sony announced that PlayStation 5 would not include a web browser, it seemed like a noticeable downgrade from the previous PlayStation 4. However, it seems that is not exactly truethat there are ways to bypass this, meaning you can quickly load up web pages on your TV.

How to Start it

First, go to system settingload up the User’s Guide.

Then you have to scroll down to the UsersAccounts menuhead to the “Link with Other Services” option. You can then select to link to a Twitter account which brings you to the Twitter page with a login prompt if you click on the small Twitter icon, which in the top corner, you will see Twitter like you would on any normal Internet browser.

If you log in from there, you will have gained full access to Twitter. And that is how you use PS5’s hidden Web browser.

Want thing to keep in mind is that this will still not enable you to type anything into the URL bar. You can search the web via clickable links that appear in profile descriptions or links.

What WorksWhat Doesn’t Work

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While you can access the broader Internet with PS5, there are limitations. For example, it seems that simple pages that mostly contain imagestexts are OK. However, multimedia or interactive pages don’t always turn out the way you wanted them to look.

YoutubeTwitch work fine, as long as you don’t choose the full-screen options. Music streaming sites like Soundcloud or Spotify could load but couldn’t play any music. Which kind of makes them useless. Google tools like Google docs also didn’t work.

As far as gaming goes, some games worked,others didn’t. More simple ones did,more complicated one didn’t. The reason is that they require more advanced tools like Flash, so those kinds of games were constantly crashing. A great example of this was online slot games. Their jackpot lobby is full with games, but unfortunately, it was too much for the PS5’s non-native web browser. So for those kinds of games, you will have to find alternatives.

Safety First

Sony has indicated it has no intention of providing a full web browser in the future. While they understand it might be a demanded feature, it is simply not a priority for them. So bypasses like the one we outlined in the article are the closest thing you will get to a web browser. Considering that many sites don’t work,the ones that do work are a hassle to get, this is a disappointment from Sony.

But we must understand why they did it. The reason is security. Web browsers traditionally have enough potential for security holes to increase the risk of the device as a home product, especially when it has no login,make it easier to jailbreak them somehow.