Is LinkGraph a High-Quality SEO Service?

Is LinkGraph a High-Quality SEO Service?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for any modern business, even if it’s a brickmortar shop without an active online storefront. Of course, lacking an online store is a big mistake, especially since customers around the world shop online moremore frequently since COVID-19. There’s no way to escape the internet these days,even if you want to stay as an in-person shop forever, you still need your store to appear in those local searches on mobile devices. This is where SEO services come in: they help you increase your online visibilityboost organic traffic to your website by making your business more appealing to search engine algorithms. The higher you can appear in search engine results pages (SERPs), the more site visitors you get,the more opportunities you’ll have to convert those visitors into customers.

SEO works by making changes to your website’s content,sometimes its design, to help it achieve higher domain authority (a score that indicates how well a site is likely to rank in search results). While there are plenty of self-proclaimed SEO experts out there, you don’t want to trust your online health to just any company that runs a PPC (pay per click) campaign. You want a company that uses white hat techniques to provide link building that lasts, conducts extensive keyword research in your industry, creates high-quality content,established your brand as an authority in your niche. Here are some of the ways LinkGraph stands above the rest in the SEO field.

Original Content Written By Experts

While SEO is a constantly evolving practice, one thing that remain consistent is that link building boosts your site authority for the long-term. The fastest way to do this is to collect high quality backlinks for your site’s portfolio. A backlink occurs when another site provides a link to your website in their content. This could be done in a blog post, landing page, in a press release, etc. LinkGraph uses the best content creation techniques to get your links hosted on new sitesincrease your authority.

Content marketing is the new king of online advertising,LinkGraph’s writers are experts in their fields who know how to produce the best content around that’s optimized for keywords relevant to your industry. They produce new product pages, keyword targeted web copy, landing pages, homepage optimizations,more for their customers, so they can see consistent results.

Comprehensive Technical SEO

Your site rankings are determined by Google bots that crawl through your web pagesindex them. The technical components of each web page on your site can be just as important as your content. LinkGraph can help you with on-page SEO, improve page load times,much more. You need site visitors to have great user experiences to increase conversions,your site loading speed, as well as its mobile device friendliness, are both big contributing factors. In fact, mobile friendliness is an important Google metric that the search engine will use to rank your pages. LinkGraph’s technical SEO audits will identify any tech issues on your site, crawl errors with search engines, broken links,anything else that can be problematic for your rankings. With these issues cleaned up, it will be even easier for your content to continue boosting your scores.

Local SEO Services

LinkGraph can also help you increase foot traffic to your physical store by increasing your presence in local searches. When users search for stores on their mobile devices, Google generates results based on their location, so they’ll see local brands. With detailed accountsreviews written on services such as Google My Business, you can make sure your name appears in these local searches. The higher your local rankings, the more likely you are to show on Google Mapsin online business directoriesreview aggregates.

This just scratches the surface of what LinkGraph offers, as they also provide UX/UI design, enterprise SEO, reputation management services,more. You can rest assured that they’ll provide everything you need to take your online presence to the next level.