Offensive Conduct Is a Choice.

Offensive Conduct Is a Choice.

Notwithstanding the norms of society, familial violenceabuse do not occur because an abuser does not have control over his mentalphysical state. The abuser deliberately makes abusive behavior for violence as a choice to gain control. Abusers use many kinds of tricks to manage to handle youuse their physical powerintelligence to put you down in any way.

Some of the tricks are stated below.


The abuser often seeks powerwants to hold the reign of a person they are living. They want to be in charge every timeeverywhere. They often want you to obey them regardless of their choices for the family, house, car, friends, etc., are right or wrong.

The abusers often explain this behavior as carepossessiveness. They treat you like a servant or a lifeless property.


If your partner continuously makes you feel shameful, disgraceful, or convincing you how low you are. It means your partner is trying to lower your self-esteem or make you feel imperfect.

It means you are in an abusive relationship that may lead to domestic violence at some point of time in the future.Once you believe you are a waste in a relationship, the abuser is getting success in maintaining control over you.

Curses, Taunts, Abuses, body shaming, public insults,the behavior designed to put you down is a well-written plan of an abuser. That is part of the domestic abuseassault under which you could feel powerlessworthless.


A cruel spouse will cut you off from the external system. They will stop you forcefully to see your family or friends. It also includes preventing you from your worksocial gatherings.


Abusers make their partners afraid of their behavior; they commonly use bad wordsanger to make them scared.

The threats may be like warnings to hurt you or shoot you, your hurt your kidsfamily members, including. They may also threaten to commit suicide, file false charges against you, or report you to child services. Here you need an attorney to beat a domestic assault charge. Pressing false accusations against the victim is also a trick of an abuser to make the victim feel helpless.

A domestic abuse lawyer may help you get out of that abusive relationshipstop the domestic assault you face. If you know someone with unusual behavior like missing workfamily events, having no money even working, having no hold over the car, cards, jewelry, etc.  Then it means they need help,you can refer a domestic abuse lawyer to them.

Abusers are very cleversometimes make a situation they may present themselves as innocentface abuse from the partner. So you need to be very vigilant in case you know someone with relationship issues. It is better to seek legal help than confronting the abuser by yourself.