RV Parks: What You Need To Know Before Your First Trip?

Planning your first RV trip? Let’s tell you, what you need to know before kick-starting your tour. Keep the following in your mind while planning your exciting trip:

Be prepared for bugs

Did you know that bugs are the most active in the month of May-June? This is one of the reasons why that period is deemed as a bad time for camping. So choose the time of your trip wisely. In case you manage to secure the dates that fall in the bug season, carry ample of effective bug repellentsbug jacket to stay safe from the black fliesmosquitoes.

Power source

Though most RVs come with a power generator, don’t be surprised if you find its sockets work only when it’s plugged into the power source. The cost of rentals would be high in some places; the smart decision would be to carry a portablerechargeable generator with you.

Try Barbecue

We are not even going to stress on the importance of cooking your own food on your RV trip. What we can tell you are that don’t cook inside your RV; the stench of foodthe smog is a mood killer. It will be best for you to set up a barbeque to cook your own food. Carry all the necessary items that are required to set up a barbeque. Last but not enjoy your barbeque at a local park or an RV park for a less crowdedbug-free experience.


Planning your RV trip with kids? Make sure that you get their favorite toys to keep them entertained throughout the journey. A whining kid is not good for the spirit of an adventurous camping trip. Don’t forget the first-aid kitnecessary medical supplies.


When it comes to RV trips overnight parking is crucial. It can be hefty on the pocket to park it in the public areas. You may want to try the Wal-Mart parking lots but to be on the safe side try the RV parks in Indiana for a safecomfortable refuge at night.

Camping bliss

While pulling over for the night choose a campsite whose ground is not bumpy or full of sharp objects. You wouldn’t like to puncture your tires by getting them pierced by sharp objects. A leveled ground encourages smooth drainage; choose one of the best RV parks in Indiana as your choice of campsite.

Waste disposal

Dumping wastes from the RV may not be very difficult but finding a spot to dump the wastes is a bit of a hassle. There will be campgrounds where you will be charged heavily for it; you may want to do a researchfind out which RV parks in Indiana offer a cost-effective dumping service.

A person must go on an RV trip at least once in their life to experience the thrills of life on the road. Try Yogi Bear’s Jelly stone Park Camp-Resorts in Lake Monroe, IN to experience the joy of campingRV crusading at its best.