Significant Reasons to Visit Portugal’s Comporta

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Just imagine about sandy beaches, the sound of the blue ocean, pine forestspicturesque rice fields- that is all what Comporta is like. Comporta is real enclave of peace as well as the perfect place for a carefree holiday from the hustlebustlecrowds. There’s no wonder that every year this place is attracting its fans from all those who appreciate a quiet holiday in the nature.

What is Comporta?

In Portugal, there is a small summer resort on the Alentejo coast called as Comporta. The place is just less than an hour from the south of Lisbon. Anyone who visits Comporta agrees that this small piece of land is a corner of paradise between the oceanthe rice field. It is surprising to know that, until this, Comporta was kept a secret, it has gained popularity recently due to its atmosphere. A lot of famous artists are particularly fond of this region that means Comporta is one of the rising stars of Portugal.

Best Time to Visit Comporta

The Comporta region is covering 12,500 hectares. It includes seven hamlets named as Carrasqueira, Possanco, Pego, Brejos, Carvalhal, Torre,Comporta. This land of piece allows you discover magnificent wild landscapesrice fields stretching to the horizon as well as some historical sites. However, the best times to visit this place is between Marchearly June. Along with this, mid-Septembermid-November are also ideal months to visit the blossom of nature. The heat is not too strongthere is no hustle of the tourists that means you can enjoy Comporta’s experiences with complete peace of mind. Below are some of the significant reasons to visit Comporta this year. For more, click to Trino Marin that would be the right place for you.

Lie on the Beach of Comporta

Undoubtedly, one of the significant reasons why you must visit Comporta are its sandy beaches spreading along about 60 km of the coastline. It can be said that Comporta region boasts one of the beautiful beaches in the country awarded with the Blue Flag. While adding this fine soft sand, that perfectly contrasts with the depth of the ocean, you’ll get a perfect duo for your vacation.

Admire the Sunsets

Another major reason why the tourists must add Comporta in their bucket list is, you’ll enjoy the mesmerizing sunset. Sunsets of Comporta are admired on one of the endless beaches or from the hotel overlooking the rice fields. Regardless, of which option you select, one you can be sure – quite a spectacle is waiting for you. Just imagine a better end to the day- especially preceded by a dinner with delicious Portuguese wine.

Discover the Alentejo Region

Comporta is the best starting point in order to discover the charms of the Alentejo region – one of the most beautiful in the country. Un spoiled nature, harming medieval villages with picturesque coast are some of the major attractions in Portugal. While in Comporta, it is worth taking a trip towards two climatic towns included on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a reason.

Lovers of monuments must add Viana do Alentejo in their bucket list. It is a town boasting a charming castle. However, some of the other noteworthy cities are Marvão and Monsaraz- located right on the Spanish border. Moreover, the latter is recognized by many to be the most beautiful town in the country. While you are spending your vacations in the Alentejo region, it is worth visiting one of the local vineyards. It’s sunny climate is favorable for wine parties.

See the Dolphins

Another amazing reason to visit this region is to meet dolphins. With a bit of luck, these mammals can be seen in the nearby nature at the mouth of the Sado River. A catamaran trip for dolphins with a guide lasts two to three hoursis just an unforgettable experience. In addition to the dolphins inhabiting the waters of Sado, you can also admire wild waterfowl! Some of the well-knownrecommendable companies organize this kind of trips.

Taste the Local Cuisine

The main thing that we appreciate during the holidays is mouth-watering food,there is no shortage in Comporta. A refreshing cocktail, lunch overlooking the rice fields, dinner for two as well as a quick snack from a food truck are the best options to choose from.