The Benefits of Having Custom Kitchen Countertops

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Epoxy kitchen countertops have become very popular over the past few years. They are often an excellent alternative to quartzgranite counter tops for just half of the cost. Epoxy kitchen countertops require little to no maintenancelast a long time.

How Durable Kitchen Countertops Are

The durability of epoxy kitchen countertops makes them a great choice for families who want a beautiful home kitchen that will last for many years. There are many different typescolors available, so it will be easy to find one that matches or coordinates with the rest of the decor in your kitchen.

Epoxy kitchen Epoxy Countertops Denver applications include cabinets, refrigerators, cooktops,tile. Some people use epoxy countertops in their bathroom too. Since the epoxy is waterproof, it will not harm or scratch granite or marble shower walls or floors. It’s a clear, nonporous substance so mold, mildew, bacteria,other pollutants can’t get trapped under the surface.

The Smoothness of Epoxy Kitchen Countertops

Most epoxy kitchen countertops have a smootheven surface because the resins eliminate most of the irregularities found in natural stonegranite counter tops. They’re durable but not indestructible. When an item is dropped or rubbed on epoxy countertops, the resins will quickly relieve the damage without leaving any stains or scratches. They are also resistant to heat, moisture,chemicals. That’s because the resins flow into the seams like water doesthen expand again when they cool, creating a smooth, leak-proof seal.

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Some types of epoxy kitchen countertops have a slightly gritty texture. This epoxy resin finish has a slightly gritty sandy, or rough surface. When it hardens, it turns into a smoothglossy finish that is slightly textured. This texture doesn’t provide much protection to the surface of your countertops but it’s still considered to be non-porous. To know more about Epoxy Countertops just click here.

Epoxy kitchen countertops require very little maintenance once they’ve been sealed. The only steps you’ll need to take to maintain your new counters are wiping downmopping up spills. Because the epoxy sealer is waterproof, spills won’t seep through to the next layer. You won’t need to worry about food particles or liquids splashing onto your countertop surface, either. They will bead upthen disappear just as quickly.

While epoxy kitchen countertopsgranite are some of the most durable surfaces available, neither is perfect. Epoxy resin doesn’t bond with granite well,granite is notorious for its dullscratchy appearance. However, both of these materials can be sealedrestored to near matchability by professional installers using only the highest quality epoxy resins. This sealer can also be removed if you’re planning on replacing or refinishing your counters.

When you seal your epoxy kitchen countertopsother surfaces using this type of sealer, you can have a smoothdurable surface that won’t be etched by acidic foodsliquids. This is because the sealer will create a barrier between the countertopwhatever it’s sealed against. The epoxy will form a film on the surface, not allowing anything to penetrate through it. This prevents any staining from acidic foodsliquids. We are easy to find on Google Maps.

One benefit of using an epoxy sealer on your epoxy kitchen countertopsother countertops is that it’s an easy way to prevent any future stain or mark on your countertop. A sealer application will keep all your countertop surfaces in tip top shape, preventing scratchesstains from ever forming on the surface again. Epoxy kitchen countertops are also very affordable compared to their epoxy counterparts, which makes them a great choice for any custom kitchen countertop project. You can find any number of beautiful designs available, so no matter what your kitchen style, you can find a countertop design that’ll fit perfectly.