The Importance Of Save The Dates

The Dates

To some couples, save the dates may seem like a waste of money. They are, however, a great idea. A save the date postcard is a great way for you to let your guests know that they will be invited to your wedding. The travel details make it possible for your out-of-town guests to make travel arrangements. Providing a link to your wedding website gives your guests a chance to find out more details about the wedding. The following are some of the reasons why you should send a save the date postcard to all your loved ones.

Giving Your Visitors Time to Prepare

Send your postcards about seven months before the date of your wedding. That way, your guests will have plenty of time to get ready. Customized save the date postcards take a long time to prepare so you need to find a designer as soon as you can. The post cards will give your guests a chance to save moneymake arrangements for accommodationtransportation. They are even more important when you plan on having your wedding in a faraway destination.

To Provide Details

Even though your save the date postcards may not include too many details, they should include all the important details including the names of the couple, the datelocation of the wedding,a link to your wedding website. You should include a link to your wedding site even if it is not complete.

To Show Your Personality

Unlike invitations which need to be formal, save the date postcards should be funcreative. They give couples a chance to showcase their playful side to their guests. The themestyle of the postcards do not always have to match that of the invitations. You may use the postcards as a chance to introduce yourself as a couple. It is especially important when some of your friends or family members haven’t met your loved one.

The Dates

They Give You Time to Send Out Your Invitations

The appropriate time to send out your wedding invitations is about six weeks before the wedding. If you have already sent out your save the dates, there is no rush as your guests already know the datelocation of your wedding.

You Give Guests a Chance to Cancel Other Commitments

A lot of people receive multiple invites for weddingsother events. Sending your save the date postcards gives them a chance to cancel other commitments in preparation for your wedding. Without one, they may make other plans that make it impossible for them to show up for your big day.

To Share Your Engagement Photography

Sending save the date postcards gives you a chance to share your engagement photos with your loved ones. All your loved ones will be glad to receive a romantic photo of your engagement long with a save the date.

To Introduce Your Wedding Theme

Even though you do not need to use your wedding theme on your save the date postcards, it may be a wonderful opportunity. Give your guests an idea of what to expect on the wedding date. You can use it to give guests a sneak peek into your theme.

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