Top Gambling Travel Destinations

Top Gambling Travel Destinations

While every gambling-lover needs to take a trip to thrilling Las Vegas at least once in their lifetime, Sin City isn’t the only gaming destination that deserves being added to the ultimate bucket list.

Below are just some of our favourite gambling travel destinations around the world.

Reno, Nevada

Reno is a bit like a toned-downslightly more composed Vegas.

Less bustling than the Mecca of gambling, Reno offers the very same thrillsexcitement as the headquarters of gaming.

What’s more, you can take in the feast-for-the-eyes that is Lake Tahoe while playing your favourite games.

Macau, China

The only region of China where gambling is legal, Macau has established itself as the Vegas of the East.

While an altogether different culture can be experienced here in comparison to Las Vegas, its interesting to note that more gaming money changes hands here than anywhere else on the planet.

It’s no surprise then that this mind-blowing travel destination gets more than half of its income from the casino industry. And for those who love to go big, Macau is officially home to the largest casino gaming floor in the world.

It’s an absolute must-experience.

Auckland, New Zealand

It’s no secret that New Zealand is one of the most stunning countries in the world.

But it’s a favourite retreat for gamblers who love the online slots Australia offers.

A must-discover is SkyCity Casino, which is situated in Auckland’s famous Sky Tower, which at 328 metres, is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

It’s a truly awe-inspiring venue, complete with a massive casino floor, live entertainment,some of the most famous eateries beautiful New Zealand has to offer.

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Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay, Singapore, derives its gaming fame from being one of the most expensive casinos that has ever been built.

Marina Bay Sands Resorts is the ultimate vacation spot for gambling enthusiasts,boasts the largest atrium casino in the world. There’s four levels of gaming floors that are home to an incredible 2,300 slot machines250+ gaming tables.

There’s also a roof-top swimming pool to call your own in between games.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco, is perfect for the classy gambler.

Here, you’ll discover everything from one-cent slot machines to gaming tables where the big-spenders roll.

The dress code may be strict, but this only adds to the value of the experience. It’s glamorous, it’s out there,it’s a must-add to every gambling enthusiast’s ultimate list of things to do before you die.

London, United Kingdom

London is home to many a landmark – least of all its incredibly fabulous casinos.

London’s West End gambling scene is an experience that can only be compared to the movies – this is where total opulence meets life-changing wins.

High-rollers should not miss out on the luxury private rooms, while Chinatown offers a more casual experience.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is South Africa’s ultimate gambling-friendly destination.

This beautiful city offers a mix of breath-taking sitespremium casino offerings. Local cuisine is a must too while playing your favourite games.