Unknown Facts About House Mold

House Mold

Upon hearing the words “house mold,” most people immediately get annoyed because they think of the long cleaning process that is in front of them. This isn’t surprising since some types can pose a great danger to one’s health, especially when it comes to people who struggle with asthma or any other chronic respiratory issue.

Nevertheless, people aren’t used to hearing “house mold”“interesting facts” in the same sentence. Who would find it interesting? Well, here are some, not so well-known facts that you may find intriguing that we learned from the mold experts at Elite Moisture Solutions in Raleigh North Carolina.

House Mold Is Very Common

You might not know this, but this house infection is very common today. In fact, around 50% of houses face this issue, even though most owners aren’t aware of it. It is even more frequent in flipped homes. You know, the ones that have just been renovated, with freshly painted wallsnew flooring.

So, if you are about to purchase a property, under no circumstances should you skip the inspection step. Yes, we know it looks new, pretty,shining, but keep in mind that paint cannot contain mold, meaning that your new home will become a hazardous environment over time.

Clean Houses Can Be Affected Too

Cleaning our homes is just common sense. We all do it on a regular basis. We vacuum the floors, dust every indoor surface,so on. However, did you know that it really doesn’t matter how pristine your home is? That’s right. Unfortunately, even the cleanest homes aren’t completely protected from the mold. Naturally, the chances of it growing are larger in dirtymoist environments.

Keep in mind that it is a natural, tiny organism that is everywhere around us. It can grow anywhere where it has enough water or food. However frightening this may seem, try not to be too stressed about it. Make sure to inspect every corner of the property regularly, especially the basement, attic,all other areas where it usually grows.

Keep The Humidity Low

As you know, mold needs a darkhumid space to grow. It is why atticsbasements are the most commonly affected areas. Even though we have said that any house can be affected, there are some things you can do to lower the chances of this happening. One of them is to ensure that the humidity in your home is below 50%. Ideally, it should be between 30%40%. Obviously, depending on the areaweather conditions where you live, this can be challenging, which is why a dehumidifier is your new best friend.

Painting The Walls Isn’t the Solution

House Mold

We have already mentioned that a fresh coat of wall paint cannot contain the mold. Basically, it is only a temporary solution, a sort of barrier between the fungiyou, but this is not how you should deal with it. It penetrates deeply into the drywall, so just because you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. What’s more, over time, it will penetrate deeper,eventually, it will ruin the walls. If you notice any signs or smells, don’t fool yourself this way but instead, hire professionals to comehelp you with this issue.

It Needs 24 To 48 Hours to Form

Everyone knows they must act as soon as possible upon noticing mold in their homes but surprisingly, a lot of people don’t understand how quickly it can grow. That’s right. If the temperature is idealthere is enough humidity, it can form after only 24 hours. If there has been any kind of water damage in your house,you do not clean it immediately, it is quite possible that there will be mold by the next day.

Mold Can Weaken Your Immune System

The fact that mold is dangerous is well-known. It is believed to be a cause of numerous respiratory issues, especially in young children who are still developing. However, when it comes to adults, the main effect of being exposed to home mold for a long time is a weakened immune system. It means that the infection won’t necessarily cause a problem, but it will almost make you more vulnerable to other health issues.

It Doesn’t Only Affect the Respiratory System

Furthermore, when it comes to health issue, most people think about respiratory ones because these are most frequent when exposed to house mold. However, if it ever comes in direct contact with your skin, it can cause dermatitis. Due to this, you should never touch the infected area with your bare hands because the first time you scratch yourselfthe spores enter your system, you will develop a rash that can require a lot of timehealing products.

It Doesn’t Grow On All Surface

Now, here is an interesting fact. Did you know that mold cannot grow on glass, rocks,concrete? It may sound odd because you have surely seen it on these surfaces. Well, the thing is that it cannot grow directly on any of these because they don’t contain moisture. However, it can form if there is debris or some other organic material.

Vitamin D Protects You

House Mold

We already know how important vitamins are for our overall health. If you suffer from mold-related allergy you should increase the intake of Vitamin D. It will help you boost your immune systemrelieve symptoms of this type of allergy. Obviously, it won’t heal you, but it will make you feel a lot better.

Dead Mold Spores Are Just as Dangerous

For some reason, a lot of people don’t understand that dead mold spores are as dangerous as live mold. Depending on one’s attitude, they can pose an even greater danger. Why? There are some people that don’t deal with these spores immediately. Yes, this can be a lengthyvery costly process, depending on the degree of infection. So, they just postpone it for a better moment. This can easily turn into years, if not decades. The truth is that these can cause numerous health problems that can become severe simply because people are exposed to the source for a very long time.