Where to Go Go-Kart Racing in Birmingham

Where to Go Go-Kart Racing in Birmingham

Everyone enjoys go-karting at least occasionally. Almost any country, state,even city you go to, there’s likely a go-karting course within fifty miles of you. Of course, this isn’t an absolute rule, but it is still incredibly common to find a go-kart racing course near you almost anywhere you go. If you happen to be in Birmingham you happen to be in luck because you have one of the highest quality go-kart racing facilities in the country right in your backyard. It’s fun for the whole family,you’ll leave with some great memories you can hold onto for a lifetime. If you want some exciting things to do, check it out.

On the Subject of Speed.

You want to go fast, right? Really, what’s the point of go-karting if you don’t get to zoom around the course at lightning speed while doing your best to win first place, or at least place in the top five.

Well, at Birmingham’s own indoor go-kart racetrack their karts have a whopping 20 horsepowercan go upwards of 50 miles an hour. That’s almost fast enough to drive on the freeway in some states, although we don’t recommend taking these karts onto the freeway because that’s not exactly safe.

The karts used at this course are third-generation electric go-kartsare not only faster than your typical gas kart but are a lot safer. Old school gas go-karts had the capability to flip over with the passenger still inside, but newer electric karts are built differentlyare less likely to flip over with you in it.

There are also no emissions with the newer electric karts which is what makes it possible to do kart races inside in the first place. Having the races inside allows for a lot more fun as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or even blistering heat outside you can still go for your kart race in a nice climate-controlled space.

On the Subject of Safety

Safety is important when it comes to moving quickly in any vehicle. While moving anywhere above 20 miles per hour there’s a good deal of risk involved. That’s why this course takes the necessary precautions to ensure that their track is as safe as possible.

The first step they take is even before any customers even see the karts. Each kart has a professional four-point safety harness to ensure that participants don’t go flying if they make a sudden stop,with the high-quality brakes in the karts, it’s entirely possible to come to a sudden stop if necessary. Each kart also has a roll bar as an added precaution against tipping, but with the evenly distributed weight it’s rarely a necessary precaution. That being said, your safety is worth the redundancies.

They also use an advanced guard rail system which makes crashing much less traumatic generally, as well as controls to slow down or stop all of the karts if there is something dangerous on the track.

Needless to say, this facility takes your safety just as seriously as it takes your fun. After all, a traumatic accident is a very easy way to spoil an otherwise wonderful afternoonthe employeesowners of this facility understand how important it is to be as safe as possible.

The Best Way to Go-Kart

Whether you want to go alone or you have a full party you want to go go-karting with, it’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. No matter the reason you love karting, they love it just as much if not more at this facilitythey want to be sure you have the most fun possible during every visit.