Why It’s Time to Throw Away Your Wired Headphones for Bluetooth Earbuds

Why It’s Time to Throw Away Your Wired Headphones for Bluetooth Earbuds

Before we begin with our reasons, we truly understand that what we are about to propose can also trigger some individuals who may already be a fan of the classical way of listening with long wires attached to their ipods or phones.

However, before you get furious, we are about to convince you with points that are going to be stated for your own ease because owning the AirBuds Pro is the future that you need to invest your money into.

No More Worry of Wires Getting Damaged

It doesn’t matter if you own the most expensive pair of wired headsets or you have a budgeted one, you will get to agree with the fact that every user has always been at the risk of damaging the wires. Sometimes they get tangled on their ownsometimes we mistakenly get them stuck at the corner of a desk only to know that they are torn apart because of the pressure.

So at the same time, how about the idea of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that even promise to offer better sound quality than the wired ones? It is true that Bluetooth devices have been under severe criticism in the past but that is rapidly changing with more advancements in technology. Hence, you can put your trust in them only to realize that you will get extra comfort while enjoying the music. You will no longer have to worry about your movements since buds get fixed in the earsare connected through Bluetoothno damage will take place.

Even New Phones Are Asking You To Change

Nowadays if you go out to buy the best phones available in the market, you will then realize that the majority among them no longer have the headphone jack. It’s a new trend which was first made fun of when Apple came up with the idea through their iPhone 7 series but little did the world know at that time that the company was about to shift the future of the sound industry to Bluetooth.

So, if you are going to buy a high-end phone right away or you are planning to, a good pair of wireless bluetooth earbuds is a necessity for you because those phones don’t come with a pair of wireless earbuds or any extension to attach the classic wired headphones.

Active Noise Cancellation

Undoubtedly the biggest reason of them all is the new active noise cancellation feature which every bigger brand of Bluetooth Earbuds is trying to incorporate into their pairs of earbuds or headsetsalso making it better with every passing time. Today, if you try out Beats, Sony or Apple’s own flagship products, you will realize that when the active noise cancellation is on, you won’t be able to hear anything on a crowded street. But at the same time, there are also features like the transparency mode that can make you listen to few of the things around you while you are busy listening to music.

So, would you now like to take advantage of all the benefits with the shift?