Work With Us For Your Contract Supplement Packaging

You want to share your knowledge of healthto help others to feel better through your supplements. We offer contract supplement packaging so that you can reach your customers without having to worry about this aspect of getting your product to market.

We package vitamins, body-building supplements, sports nutrition products, protein, cosmetics, pet vitamins,personal care items. No matter the type of supplement packaging that you need, we are happy to help you get your products to your customers with your labelingpackaging.

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We offer both bottledisplay boxes for your supplement packaging options. We provide multiple plasticglass options for the bottles, so you can use the right sizetype for your productcustomers.

With our contract supplement packaging options, you don’t have to commit to the long-term. We are a GMP-certified contract manufacturer of capsules, powders,liquids for the dietary supplementspersonal healthcare industries. We customize our approaches to manufacturing to bring your vision for your company to reality with shorter lead times.

All of our products are made in the USA,we offer uniquerevolutionary ingredients, turn-key manufacturing,trusted lab testing, in addition to our supplement packaging services. You can be sure that the products that we createpackage for you are of the highest quality. The products will be perfect for your customers,you can rely on our ability to turn out the best products at an affordable price. We are here for the long-term, so, although we offer contract packaging, we will be here if you decide to manufactureproduce more of your product with us.

We are committed to promoting health in all of our customers’ clients. That is why we source only the best ingredientsensure that they are of the purest quality.

When you meet with our representative, we’ll discuss the details you’ll need to submit to our labmanufacturing team, such as a formula sheet. We don’t infringe on your intellectual propertyhave a non-disclosure agreement to use as the foundation of our partnership.

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We can then create a quote for you that includes ingredient selection with sourcing type, packaging, labeling,lead time. We work to get the best price, even with minimum run amounts. Manufacturing is the next step,we will create a label as well. Then we quality check the product,packageship it out. Our contract supplement packaging services are just part of an entire package of supplement manufacturing services we offer.