Zero-Hassle Ride Sharing That Assures Security And Better Rates For Passengers And Drivers Alike

If you’re no stranger to ride-sharing apps like UberGrab, then you’ll certainly easily get the hang of ReRyde. The app is available on both AndroidiOS systems,while the two versions share similar features, their interfaces are apparently unique. You only to sign up using your mobile number or Facebook account to begin.

In both Android and iOS, you will immediately be taken to the digital map that should provide your current locationthe immediate areas surrounding it. This immediacy complements the instant booking feature of the app. You only need to enter where you want to go,the app will proceed to detect nearby drivers for you.

While booking, you’ll be able to see the exact size of the vehicle you can select as well as the minutes it will take for the respective vehicle to reach you. The standard car used is called the ReRyde model, which is basically a regular car. Others include a 2-Driveran XL one in order to satisfy any specific customer preferences as far as passenger capacity is concerned. Prior to being reached, you can send chat messages to your driver if it happens that you have any instructions or information to relay to him.

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Once your ride begins, you will be able to track your ride from your smartphone or tablet anytime until you reach your destination (which would be depicted by a red flag on the map). The estimated faretime of arrival will be displayed as well.

After you arrive at your destination, you will promptly be given an overview of the fare as well as an accompanying receipt. Both versions allow cashless travel for convenience. Ratings are depicted in stars, with 5 being the highest. There is also an option to tip your driver in the bottom screen of the Android version.

What sets the ios version apart is that it has a noticeably cleanermore advanced interface. When booking, for instance, you will be able to get a better inkling of what your car would look like as it would readily display this for you. The detail, in short, is simply more intricate in the iOS version,this is why it’s safe to say that this is what users should opt to use when they intend to utilize the app for a long time.

ReRyde proudly makes itself unique with the comparatively lower rates that it charges passengers. The company also keeps a closer tab on its drivers to ensure the safety (thanks to verified drivers) of both parties involved. This plus the assured cleanliness of their vehicles makes for a better ride sharing experience.