3 Deck Builder Games for PC

The reason why millions of players across the world enjoy deck-building games is that everyone starts equally, and you have to work to become good. Of course, it takes time to create a good deck, research, and discover which combos work the best. However, it gives a real sense of accomplishment and mastery when you make a good deck.

Over the years, many types of games have seen the daylight, and they provide a variety of experiences and themes. That is another reason these games are popular. In addition, they combine multiple mechanics into a single game, having everything from area control to tactical combat and luck and dice. This exciting addition leads to many unique and complex games, and today we are presenting three-deck builder games for PC.

Dice and Dungeon

First, we present a very unusual little game that will take up only 200 MB of your hard drive space. Never before have we seen such a unique deck builder game. The goal of the game is to build a dice deck. Some would call it dice building. As you increasingly fight more complex and challenging enemies, you are awarded new dices to your deck. Oh, and everything happens in dungeons.

The dices look like they came straight out of some online slot casino game portfolio, mainly as it reminds us a lot of the “Rolling dice” slot game. They are flashy, the numbers are big and crystal precise and come in various colours. The game is based on dice-building board games and features several different dice types, but for us, the game screams slots and craps. The feeling of the game is as if you were in the casino. Unfortunately, we will have to wait to find out what’s it like playing it since the game doesn’t have a release date yet.

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Legends of Runeterra

The game got released in April 2020, both PC and mobile, by the famous Riot games responsible for the League of Legends. As one would expect, the game is connected to LoL and features many concepts from it, and delivers a new take on deck building.

The game’s card selection offers three choices: Spells, Followers, and Champions. You can find various abilities and effects in each category that moves away from standard deck builders. But Legends of Runeterra never go too far from the classic formula of card battling, still delivering the expected goods. The design, of course, follows graphics from LoL.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a game only available for PC at the moment, but it will most likely expand to mobile soon since a lot has changed since the game had its beta phase in 2017. This addon is the digital version of the famous and classical card battle game Magic: The Gathering Arena. It manages to attract both old-school veteran players of the original card version while still attracting new fans and younger generations. Also, it features a free-to-play model, so it truly is available for everyone.

For the veterans, the same tactics and techniques from the original are possible in Arena. In addition, there are animations and sound effects for newer players who expect a more profound experience and better graphics after every card gets played.