Online Lottery

If you’re still walking long kilometers with a lottery ticket in hand to play the lotto, you have no idea you are living in an old-school world.

In an age where groceries are delivered right to your doorstep, and couples are nestling with online TV, lottery players can benefit from the internet to play Mega Millions online at Lottoland and win mega millions too.

So if playing the lotto is your niche, then telling you why you should play online is our forte.

Here’s the list of all the wonderful reasons we pulled up for you:

It’s much easier

Just as online shopping is easier than having to go to the mall or the grocery store, playing the lotto online is not that different. Simply visit online lottery site and stake away.

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You get more options

You no longer have to face the limitation your location brings when you buy the lottery ticket in person. Playing online expands your possibilities as games not available at your local gaming kiosk is most likely to be found online. From the number of games available to the types of jackpots, and the options onboard, you get to enjoy more. So, why limit yourself?

Buy online, get paid online

Just as you get to buy lottery tickets online, you can also enjoy the extra benefit of getting your account credited online when you win. See? Easy peasy!

Promos and bonuses

From free tickets when you sign up to multi-draw discounts of up to 25%, online lottery players enjoy lots of freebies. Many lottery sites like Lottoland also offer VIP Membership that nets you VIP points when you sign up. There are also numerous cashback promos that make the online experience even more gratifying.

Saves you time

Think of what you would do with the time you take to walk or drive to your local lottery kiosk or the hours you have to wait your turn in line. Scrap all that annoying experience and join the online betting tribe where you simply have to get on your mobile phone or computer to buy tickets or bet on the outcome of games without stress.

Playing online also saves you gas money or the fare you would have spent getting to the store.

Multiple payment options

Online lottery thrives on flexibility, especially when it comes to payment.  While you can pay with popular credit cards like Visa or MasterCard, you also get the option to use other payment platforms like Paypal, Bitcoin, e-wallets, Giropay, among others.


Online lottery has grown to become even more secure than physical tickets. Lottery sites allow you to buy virtual tickets and make payment online to create a permanent proof of transaction. Authentic lotto sites also run on SSL encryption and spam filters which helps protect your game and data from spammers. You also have a guarantee of playing under strict guidelines as they are also licensed by the government or gambling commission.

Your winning ticket is safe

Lots of lottery players have lost millions just because they misplaced their lottery tickets or left them in the pocket of the jeans they put in the laundry machine. With online lottery, you no longer have to lose money just because you can’t find your ticket or it has become a sad lump of unreadable paper. You can always pull up your virtual tickets and claim your prize anytime on sites like Lottoland.

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Bottom line is, online lottery offers more benefits than traditional betting and you’re welcome to join the tribe.

Play online lotto today and get rich instantly! Play on Lottoland and win mega millions.