Digital Business Cards: Because There is No Second Chance for First Impression

The year 2020 was the year of the global pandemic and it taught us many lessons. People had to get used to new and strange things. One of those things was remote working or as everyone calls it “work from home”.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we communicate as well as the way we connect with people. It’s been decades since we are using paper business cards to exchange our details. Finally, thanks to this pandemic, people have started using digital business cards more and more.

What Is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is a great alternative to paper business cards and has started replacing them as well. It is an online means of sharing contact information with a lot of benefits over traditional paper business cards.

A digital business card includes your basic information like name, company, phone number, and email just like paper business cards. Additionally, you can include your photo, your company logo, and your social media handle too.

How Do They Work?

Digital business cards are not physical cards but are software based cards. Creating and sharing a digital business card is a lot easier than a paper card. There are a number of different websites and apps on the internet. You can simply visit their website and get your digital contact card ready in minutes.

It is easy to share this card too. You can share this card over email or you can share the details using NFC too. You just need to hold the business card near the phone and the contact details will pop up on your phone. It makes the process of saving contacts easier.

A digital business card outperforms paper printed business cards in many areas. Let us see the benefits of new digital business cards.

Advantages of Digital Business Card

First, we will talk about the advantages of digital business cards over paper cards and later on, we will jump to the different features these cards offer.

Great First Impression

In the business world, almost every day you meet different people from different companies. Your first impression really matters on such occasions. Using a digital business card instead of a paper printed card can take your impression game one level up.

Using a digital business card in 2021 will make you look progressive and adaptable to new technologies. Also, a digital business card can represent your brand visually better than paper cards.

Instant Contact Sharing

In a paper business card, you have to save the contact details manually into your phone or a book. Therefore, there are chances that the other person may lose or misplace the physical card before saving your contact details.

In the case of a digital business card, once you share the card with other people, the card stays with them in their phone’s memory and they can save and contact you anytime they want. Also, there is no need to manually save each detail, the details on the card can be saved to the phone with just one click instantly.

Flexible Operation

Digital business cards are a lot more flexible in terms of usage and operation. Once the physical cards are printed you can’t update them or even if you make new ones, your contacts will still have outdated information.

However, the digital business cards being electronic can be updated any time you want. You can update your number address or any other details and then you can notify the people you have already shared the card with.

Now, let us see the unique features these digital business cards offer.

NFC Sharing

NFC technology of the digital business cards makes the process of sharing and saving contacts hassle-free and quick. Some cards come with NFC stickers which you can stick at the back of your phone. Whenever you want to share the details, just hold the phone near the other phone you want to share your business card with.

Other unique features of digital business cards include :

  • Photo and video integration
  • Custom branding
  • Calendar Integration
  • CRM integration


In today’s era, many companies have accepted this new means of sharing details. However, still many people are using physical business cards but businesses have begun using these digital business cards too. There is still some time for digital business cards to make their place in the business world.

Though, having a digital business card in 2021 tells a lot about your personality and approach towards new innovations. It is a great way to leave a strong impression and stand out in the crowd. Also, considering coronavirus pandemic definitely, the contactless digital business card is the future of business cards.