Essential Tools For Diy Woodworkers

Some people interested in woodworking often refrain from venturing into this industry because they’re worried about the cost of materials. Woodworking materials can indeed be a little bit expensive, but if you’re starting, there are some beginner tools you can afford to buy. This article highlights some essential tools that you can purchase to begin your woodworking projects.

Circular Saw

Though some individuals consider this tool a carpentry tool than a woodworking device, anyone can use it. It’s a hand-held and versatile power tool that can be as efficient as the table saw when used with other tools. You can use it to cut sheet goods like plywood and other medium-density boards. If you’re working on a tight budget, a circular saw should be among your list of hand-held tools.


This tool is essential for cutting circular and curved patterns in stocks. Though band saws are more effective and can slice thicker stocks, jigsaws are the best fit for beginners. If you want versatility, select a corded orbital-action jigsaw whose blade can be changed easily.

Unlike circular saws that have revolving blades, jigsaws use a back and forth motion to cut woods. Their blades have different compositions and tooth numbers. You can use a jigsaw to cut wood, plastic, and metal. Jigsaws with coarse tooth blades are ideal for first and rough work, while those with fine-tooth blades can be used to saw veneers.

Hand Files

Hand files are an ideal tool that you can use to smooth and shape wood. They’re quite cheap, and if you purchase the ones developed from quality steel, they’ll last for a long time. Once they’re dull, it would be best to buy a new one that sharpens them.

The hand file types you can buy include:

  • Rasps

They have coarse teeth and rough edges to remove large masses of wood during shaping.

  • Half-round Files

They have a curved surface on one side and a flat one on the opposite side to work on curved and flat surfaces.

  • Mill Files

These have flat faces and fine teeth on one side and a coarse one on the other side to work on edges and tight spaces.

Power Drill

Power drills are great for beginner woodworkers. Currently, only very few craftsmen use a hand drill. You can use power drills for various purposes. They’re not only meant for drilling holes but can help you perform other functions too. That’s why they come with attachments to help you convert them into other tools.

If you’re purchasing a power drill for the first time, go for a model that’s coded. Drills that operate on 120 volts give more torque and are durable. Alternatively, you can consider a cordless drill though you need to check its voltage. The earliest types had 7.5 volts, though the current ones have 18 volts.

Drills with higher volts are quite expensive, but they have more strength. Power drills are also categorized based on their chuck size. There are heavy-duty and standard medium sizes.

Final Words

There are many DIY woodworking tools that you can use. However, it would be best to choose the ones that are easy to manipulate. Once you get the hang of things, you can graduate to more advanced tools like the X-Carve. These are but a few examples of tools you can use for your projects.