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Irrigation Water Meter – A Starters’ Guide

A dedicated irrigation water meter is a water meter that completely meters water utilized for external watering and irrigation. For the perspective of a customer, a separate irrigation meter delivers the benefits mentioned below:

  • Separate shutoff for the irrigation system
  • Lessened wastewater bills since wastewater expenses simply apply to internal usage and not to the irrigation meter usage
  • Precise measurement of external waste utilization

The sole downside linked to dedicated irrigation meters is the added expenses needed to buy a meter and its setting up.

In general, dedicated irrigation meters are a wonderful advantage to every person!

Can they help save money in the long run?

If you make use of water to irrigate the garden or lawn, fill a hot tub or swimming pool, or for car or home maintenance, mull over installing an irrigation meter. The separate meter, registers external water utilization. Since the water does not enter the sanitary sewer system, you will be billed just for water utilization. If you make use of a lot of water outside the house, this could lead to noteworthy savings on the summertime bills.

The cost of irrigation meter

With the aim of saving monetarily in the long run, look forward to cover the following primary expenses linked to installation of an irrigation water meter.

  • Buy any essential permits
  • Backflow Prevention Certification Testing
  • All expenses to install the required plumbing
  • Buy an additional irrigation meter

Installation of Irrigation Meter

At the time of getting an irrigation meter installed, you must set up the meter horn assembly and the backflow prevention mechanism (in case of new irrigation system). The meter horn is installed horizontally prior to the primary meter and can solely be run to the irrigation system or external spigots.

When the plumbing work is finished, you will need a professional licensed by the authorities to carry out backflow preventer testing if you have an irrigation system. If just using external spigots. They must be the newer anti-siphon style and no certification required.

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