Top 10 Websites Built With Ruby On Rails

It can’t be denied that Ruby on Rails is one of the most trusted web development frameworks today. This framework utilizes Ruby programming language. With Ruby on Rails, you can establish responsive and interactive custom applications and websites.

Just like other web frameworks, RoR supports MVC or Model View Controller architecture. With this, you can maintain and build big web applications and websites in a hassle-free way. You don’t need to write additional code to make custom web applications.

Is Ruby on Rails the right web development framework for your project? To give you an idea, the following are the top 10 websites built with Ruby on Rails.


Shopify is among the famous e-commerce platform for online stores. It enables you to sell your goods online. It utilizes Ruby on Rails to increase web store development. The e-commerce solution lets developers avail themselves services and libraries based on Ruby on Rails. It also published a POS embedded application that uses Ruby on Rails.


Originally, Twitter was developed with Ruby on Rails. The social networking and online news sire uses RoR during its launch in 2004. It uses RoR for its user-interface layer and frontend.


Basecamp is a web-based project management tool that allows you to manage complex and big projects easily. It helps ream to perform and interact effectively. In fact, the site initially makes RoR a open source web application framework for internal use. Additionally, Basecamp was also created with RoR during its launch in 2004.


SlideShare, one of today’s widely used hosting services, is built with RoR. It allows you to share your content in different forms, including documents, presentations, and videos. It is also one of the world’s most visited custom websites. SlideShare comes with a powerful database that serves more than 80 million professionals on a regular basis.


Hulu provides top video streaming services, which include on-demand seasons and movies. Their services are available for Japanese and US users. About a decade ago, the site was made using Ruby on Rails. The site leverages different features of RoR for its backend and frontend. With this, users can stream live as well as on-demand movies and TV with or without commercials.


GitHub is a web-based hosting service designed for version control. It is widely used by developers to share and store computer code. The high-traffic website was built originally with RoR. In addition, it still depends on the Ruby on Rails application in processing a large number of requests efficiently and quickly.

Internet Yellow Pages

Internet Yellow Pages was built to reduce paper usage. It is an online business directory that uses the Ruby on Rails web development framework. Internet Yellow Pages organizes contact numbers based on the business category and not alphabetically by the business name. Internet Yellow Pages is among the biggest websites built with Ruby on Rails today.

Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary is also built with Ruby on Rails. Initially, the site was created as an online dictionary of cultural phases and slang. Today, it provides the phrases and words that can be found in other dictionaries. In 2009, Urban Dictionary was established with RoR as a crowdsourced online project. At present, the site already have more than 18 million readers all over the world.


Airbnb is an online custom site that can let you rent your home, hotels, and others in 191 various countries. You can also choose the accommodation that is base on your preferences. It includes the place’s amenities, pricing, location, and more. The Airbnb API is powered by Ruby on Rails and offers cost-efficient database models and an effective payment stack.


Goodreads is a custom website for recommendation and book reading. It lets you search and read the books you want. It is considered one of the biggest databases of annotations, books, and reviews. The site was established using the Ruby on Rails framework. It is an interactive website that allows you to register and sign up for books you like to read. Additionally, Goodreads also has the feature of making blogs, polls, surveys, and discussions.

These websites were built with the Ruby on Rails web development framework. Do you want to have a successful website like the sites mentioned above? Then, using Ruby on Rails can be a good decision. It is scalable and equipped with innovative features that can meet your project needs.


There we go, so that is our list of the top 10 websites built with Ruby on Rails. In general, Ruby on Rails can be your efficient web development framework for your project. You can also have rails rich text editor to customize your project.

Are you ready to establish your website with Ruby on Rails? What are you waiting for? Use Ruby on Rails now and built a successful and professional website!