What is Azithromycin and when is it used?

Azithromycin is the name of the one of the most powerful and effective antibiotics used for bacterial infections today. It is a semisynthetic formulation that is sold under different names but is mostly known under the name Zithromax. However, if you want to buy Azithromycin cheap, you should look for the less known versions of the drug. They have the same composition but have other registered trademarks. Azilup, Azito, Mixoterin, Setron, Sumamed – these are only a few of the names you can find the medication under. The name doesn’t play a significant role in the treatment. The most important factors are susceptibility of infection to the antibiotic, correctly chosen treatment course duration and dosage, and the manufacturer of the medication. The third factor is an easy one. You should purchase the formulation from a reliable seller to get the qualitative treatment. For instance, you can order the pills from RxShopMD. This is an online drugstore that ships all medications internationally and works only with reliable generics producers.

What diseases require the use of Azithromycin?

You should know that all antibiotics are effective only for bacterial infections. For instance, herpes is a viral infection and it cannot be treated with any antibiotic. To be certain that you need the use of antibiotics, you need to consult a doctor. The diseases for which you can buy generic Azithromycin include:

  • Rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, and other ear, throat, and nasal infections caused by susceptible pathogens.
  • Pneumonia, bronchitis, and other airway bacterial infections.
  • Skin infections.
  • Prophylaxis of infections during surgical interventions.
  • Urinary tract infections.

You can sometimes identify by yourself whether you have a bacterial infection or not if you suffer from a chronic bacterial disease such as sinusitis, bronchitis, cystitis, and so on. Nevertheless, it is always better to consult a specialist as this particular exacerbation may be cured without the use of antibiotics. You should know that improper use of antibiotics is fraught with imbalance of the intestinal flora and possibly colitis development, as well as development of resistance to antibiotics. The latter can result in complicated treatment of future infections and the development of superinfection.