Hidden Treasures Of Sagradafamilia Neighbourhood

Barcelona has magnificent monuments that are global pride, but it also has little nooks which, far from being overshadowed by the magnificence of buildings like the SagradaFamilia, coexist with them making an apartment for rent in Eixamplethe bestmost charming option that allows not having to constantly walk at the hub of the touristic places. They are the hidden treasures of the city and, around the temple of Gaudí, we find several of them which are worth visiting.

The Mural “Balcones de Barcelona”

In the Enamorados Street No. 5, at the intersection of Diagonal with Marina Street and  Lepanto street, we found next to Hispanidad square a curious facade in a classical building of the Eixample district where neighbours look permanently out to say hello: It is the work “Balcones de Barcelona”, an artistic intervention of the French group “La Cité de la Création” in connection with clean upbeautify the city for the 1992 Olympic Games.

The aim of this work is to conceal one of the many medium looming buildings of different heights that fill the Eixampledisfigure the landscape. Thus, in a place flanked by the views of the towers of the Olympic portthe Monumental Bullring, it was an authentic crime that a brick wall remained unchanged. They decided to  decorate the walldrawfamous people of the Catalan life as Christopher Columbus, Antoni Gaudi, Picasso, Carmen Amayamany more who greet us from their imaginative homes.


Red Riding Hood lives in the Eixample

The Passeigde Sant Joan is a nice boulevard which starts in  the popular district of Graciaand reachesthe beautifulmonumental triumphal arch. Throughout the walk we find the pleasant shade of banana trees, manicured gardenscitizen equipment carefully designed to beautify the environment. Within these latter elements, flanking the Temple of SagradaFamilia, wefinda curious fountain: the fountain of Red Riding Hood.

In a smiling attitudekindly accompanied by the wolf, fully domesticated andfar from being the wild wolf that it is represented in the tale, this nice statue is the delight of childrennot only children  since the sculptor JosepTenasiAlivabuiltit in 1921.

Curiously, a few ilometres away, in the neighbourhood of Gràcia,we find another important characterSnow White, also in a fountain statue in Gala Placidia square.

The re-converted Glòries Square

It is difficult to talk about a “hidden treasure” when talking about a huge square flanked by a tower, the Agbar tower, with nothing morenothing less than 140 metreshighcolouredwith brightcolourful LED lights every night. This vast esplanade  has been recovered by the residents of SagradaFamiliawhoare now usingenjoying itafter years in which the esplanade had been  a highway knot. Glories Squareofferswithin itself many other corners.

From a giant chess to a running track of major proportions, a walk through this square is anextraordinary mixture of sensations related to sports, culture, antiquitiesmuch more.