How To Enjoy Your Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss Diet

Let’s turn “losing weight” into something realfun! You don’t even have to go to a fitness club if you don’t want to; all you have to do is reduce the number of calories you eatadopt some of the habits healthy people have. To lose weights first count how many calories you want to burn this year (keep in mind that one pound is 3500 calories) then in order to achieve this make some changes in your diet. For example if you want to lose 18 pounds in one year you have to reduce your calories intake with 200 calories. You will be able to lose excess fat in no time only following some simple rules.

When you wake up in the morning turn on the musicdo 5 minutes of stretching. Studies show that people who wake uplisten to music burn more calories. Also before you go to bed you should do the same thingyou will notice that your sleep will get better. In the weekend singdance if you have timeyou will start your day feeling great. Eat cereals for breakfastthrow away those croissants or leave them for someone else. After you eat your cereals eat something that contains proteins like eggs or low fat cheese. Make dishwashing your favorite activity by turning on the music you likedancing with your plates. Make sure nobody sees you when you do this; it’s a little uncomfortable to explain your curious neighbor that you are not crazyyou never heard voices.

If you are hungryyou want a snack the perfect choice is low fat cheesebrown bread or yogurtan apple. Make a little efforteat a 75 grams bag of chips instead of a 150 grams bag or a smaller chocolate than the usual one; you will eat up to 300 calories less. Dress comfortableyou will want to move more; people who are wearing uncomfortable clothes will tend to sit down or move less. If you drink one bottle of soda a day, replace it with natural juiceif you really can’t replace it at least drink half of bottle. Always have a bottle of water near youtry to alternate juice with water. Also replace white bread with brown bread, not only it tastes better but it has more nutrients too.

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Eat at least one apple a day: it’s sweet, gives you energyhas few calories. Studies show that apples need more calories to be digested than the calories they contain so the more apples you eat the more calories you burn. When you talk with your friends two hours on the phone stand upstart walking; you will burn caloriesnot even notice it. At work deliver the messages personally instead of making phone calls or sending emails to your coworkers. When going to the restaurant, only eat half of your fries or better order a salad. When eating pizza share it with your boyfriend/girlfriend so that you don’t eat one by yourself; order pizza with no cheeseyou will eat 100 calories less. When you go to the cinema buy a little popcorn bagsome mineral water.

Go out shopping for clothes if you have time. Try on lots of clothessee which one fits you best; you will burn caloriesfeel better (especially if you are a woman). Offer to take out the garbageyou will burn 100 calories. Stop using the elevator; if you use the stairs you will burn almost 1000 calories a week. Instead of eating one bar of chocolate try eating some diet chocolate ice cream; you can also use some diet whipped cream. Go out, have fun with your friendsdance as much as you can. Burning calories was never this great! Instead of watching TV every evening take a friend out for a walk or play with your dog if you have one. If you eat large meals your stomach will growyou will have to eat moremore food; try to eat many meals but make them smaller. Drink one glass of water before you eaone after you eat. If you have to eat only bad food in one dayyou can’t avoid it (it’s your birthday party, it’s Christmas, etc.) the next day only eat light food like fruits or uncooked vegetablesdrink a lot of tea; you can also take a longer walk or dance a little to burn the calories you ate a day before. If you serve food on black colored plateswear an apple perfume you will tend to eat less. Studies show that apple perfume sends a signal to our brain telling it that you are full, also people eat less if their plates are black or dark blue.

Weight Loss Diet

When you eat turn off the TV or anything that can distract your concentration. If you eat slowlyfocus on what you eat you will feel that you are full earlier than you normally would. Your stomach needs 15 minutes to send your brain the message that you are full. Forget about scales; you will know when you feellook right without it. This is not a diet, these are some long term tricksyou will not see results as soon as you expect so don’t even check; you will probably notice when your pants will feel larger. If you are very curious to see if you lost any pounds at least wait 2 months before you weight yourself, after that you can weight yourself once a month. Follow some of the rules aboveyou won’t feel like you are following a diet. Don’t be strict on yourself, if you eat a good piece of cake today you probably had a bad daydeserved it so don’t get depressed about it: life without sweets is like a good movie with no sound.