Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management

New strides are being made in data management that are allowing businesses to make more informed decisions. Master data management solutions are helping to bring together capabilities in the field of data science in order for business leaders to get real-time business insights. With cutting-edge innovations, such as impressive visualization techniques, more companies are recognizing the importance of master data management (MDM) products for their organizations. As the need for MDM solutions becomes clearer, market research reports are helping by pointing out the standouts in the MDM arena. One such report, provided by Gartner, is a particularly potent expression of who’s who within the field of MDM tools and software.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant


A great deal of research goes into finding the master data management solutions that are best suited for various companies. Research publications like Gartner Magic Quadrant MDM put the spotlight on standouts in this arena, analyzing the particular purpose of these companies, with information regarding their growth, products, and the direction in which they are trending. Gartner’s research publications are giving proper insight into how to analyze master data to use a litany of data domains to guide a business through a digital transformation. Based on the opinions of Gartner, business leaders and technology users are able to make the best decisions about the MDM solution they need.

The Magic Quadrant uses data analysis to monitor market trends like the maturity of a developer and the direction of an industry. This research organization rates vendors on two criteria: completeness of vision and the ability to execute. The completeness of vision refers to the innovations of a vendor, and whether they are a driver in the marketplace or following trends. MQ also takes into account how the vendor’s view intertwines with the views from Gartner’s perspective. The ability to execute summarizes factors like financial viability, market responsiveness, and product development.

Data Science


Products and services evaluated under Gartner’s Magic Quadrant span multiple domains across data science. This approach includes predictive analytics and data mining. With the power of data growing at an alarming rate, the race is on for companies to harness these insights. Being able to extract trends from product data gives organizations a competitive advantage in a tech field that is seeing more and more mobile devices emerge, changing the customer experience. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant delves into deep research to place vendors in a specific quadrant on the X-Y axes of completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Vendors are classified as either leaders, challengers, visionaries, or niche players. Leaders have the market share and credibility needed to drive the acceptance of new technologies, offering up a clear understanding of market needs. Vendors classified as challengers do just that, challenge leaders with strong products and credible market standing. Visionaries deliver innovation but have not capitalized on their market share just yet. As for niche players, they are narrowly focused on a specific need and just their products as a whole. This does not negate the efforts from these vendors but rather registers a yearly standing within the marketplace that may change over time.

Machine Learning


The MDM market puts an emphasis on the customer experience to better create a roadmap for the next steps for a particular business. Machine learning capabilities are an integral part of TIBCO’s software options that help to pave the way for expert master data management among mobile devices. Magic Quadrant recognizes the developments within this line of software through global research of these artificial intelligence systems to recognize consumer behavior and adaptation for the sake of data management.

Gartner has recognized TIBCO time and again for its developments in these fields, now standing out as a leader ahead in the marketplace while getting a grasp on new technology that is only solidifying its footing amongst its competitors. As a solution provider, TIBCO is now cementing its spot on top of the game with some of the highest ratings yet.